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Comparison between Yost and Rank Math, and which one is best for you

Yost and Rank Math

Rank Math and Yoast SEO are two of the best and most popular search engine optimization plugins that offer many features and benefits.
Each addition has advantages that make it ahead of the second in points and regression in other points. What are the differences between the two add-ons?

Difference between Rank Math and Yoast SEO

Yoast and Rank Math are the most famous and competing add-ons in SEO, and each of them has a large audience, and we will compare the general features between each of the two add-ons, and determine what is most suitable for you.

1- Keywords – Keywords

The first key in search engine optimization, is keywords, that is, the keywords that you target in your article or post.

Both plugins improve keywords, by checking the presence of keywords in the text, their presence in the description or the SEO title, as well as the number of times I mentioned them and their presence in the introduction and others.

  • Rank Math : gives you the ability to work on 5 keywords within one article, with the feature of suggesting relevant keywords once you start writing, and this is in the free version.
  • Yoast: It gives you the ability to work on one word only, if you want to work on more than one word you need the paid version.

Rank Math, here, has an advantage over Yoast, because the free version gives you more options than Yoast.

2- The system for calculating SEO results – Scoring System

Both plugins analyze SEO based on many rules and things, including SEO title, description, keyword presence, internal and external links, readability, and others.

Yoast uses the color (faces) system, which gives you three colors and faces.

  • Frown face, red (bad analysis).
  • Neutral face, purple (the analysis is medium and needs improvement).
  • Smiling face, good color (good analysis).

Here you’ll only get the color, and you won’t know exactly how much you got in the improvement process.

Rank Math uses the number system, which gives you an SEO score out of 100 (you need a score of 80 and above for your SEO analysis).

But in any case, reaching the green color or 80% credit will not make you directly top the search results, because some technical adjustments can be made to reach the desired color and the article remains bad. Your goal should be to write a good article, useful and valuable content for the reader and visitor, and let these add-ons only help or remind you.

3- Price

For Yoast, there is the free version and there is the paid version that starts at $89 for one site for one year only

For Rank Math, there is the free version that has most of the features, and there is the paid version that starts at $59 per year.

4- XML ​​Sitemaps

The process of creating a sitemap is easy and is done automatically for Yost and Rank. Where they have a wizard to set up the sitemap.

5- 404 and redirection problem

In case you are experiencing a problem (page 404 missing), due to damaged or broken links and you want to do a redirection of the links.

With the free version of Rank Math, there is a page with showing all 404 links, so you can work with them in one place.

With Yoast, you need the paid version to do this.

6- Integration with Search Console

Rank Math offers complete and easier integration with Search Console, where you can set up and configure the integration during the setup process and after that you can control and see all your data from within the dashboard.

Yoast, provides you with integration with Search Console webmaster tools , but it does not provide a dashboard interface like Rank Math.

The differences between the characteristics 

Rank Math

  • Addition size: 8.6 MB.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking: Yes.
  • Integration with Search Console: Yes.
  • Custom Publications: Yes.
  • Keywords: there is.
  • Keyword Suggestions: Yes.
  • Permissions Manager: Yes.
  • Multiple options for links: Yes.
  • RSS: There is.
  • Preview options: Yes.

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  • Addition size: 26.4 MB.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking: None.
  • Integration with Search Console: None.
  • Custom Publications: Yes.
  • Keywords: there is.
  • Keyword suggestions: none.
  • Permissions Manager: None.
  • Multiple options for links: none.
  • RSS: There is.
  • Preview options: Yes.


In the end, you will often need to rely on one of the two plugins, especially if you are at the beginning of your path, and they will provide you with many tips and analyzes that will help you prepare your site for search engines.

What is your admiration?

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