How To Add A WordPress Website To Google News

WordPress Website To Google News

Do you want your website to appear in Google News or what is known as Google News?

Learn the steps and detailed explanation of how to add a WordPress site to Google News or Google News.

Of course, everyone wants it, because having your site appear in Google News will ensure that you get more free traffic.

It will also help you to build a good reputation for your site, and increase confidence in it because of its appearance in the first search results of the most famous search engines in the world, of course.

In this article, you will learn the steps necessary to apply in Google news so that your WordPress site appears in the Google News section.


What is Google News?

Google News is the most important news center provided by the famous search engine Google, which brings together the most important news and stories that happen around the world.

Through Google News, the user can get the latest headlines and events of interest to him in one place and in his own language as well.

This is because the Google News service supports many international languages, and the Arabic language is one of them, of course.

Google News appears by clicking on the “News” tab on the Google search page.


Also, the most important news may be displayed without going to the news tab, even using the “Featured Snippets” view under the name “Top News”

What is the importance of your site appearing in Google News?

Submitting your site to Google News to be archived and showing results from its content to users searching for relevant keywords will, of course, increase traffic to your site.

Imagine that your site appears in the search results next to the largest news sites. This will certainly give your site high confidence among users, and this confidence will raise your site in the search results to the first results.

Trust is not only between users and your site, but between your site and other sites that will share your site’s content because it appears in the first search results, and thus you will get free backlinks and raise your site’s SEO .

Simply put, you will put your site in the center of the most trusted news among users around the world, and reap all the traffic that comes directly to it.


Requirements to join the Google News Service

Of course, not all sites can join the Google News service. Not all content is news or stories that can be displayed within the Google News section.

To clarify the basic conditions required to join Google News, Google has put general guidelines for acceptable content within its news section, which you can review to find out if your content is eligible or not.

If your content does not comply with any of the conditions in the Google Guidelines, such as being of a violent, deceptive or dangerous nature, or if your site contains many ads that exceed the amount of content, for example, this will lead to the rejection of your site’s request to join Google News directly.

Another condition that your site must have in order to be accepted in the Google news service is that the information of the company responsible for managing the site or the site owner is clear and fully mentioned.

We recommend that you read the instructions and follow the terms fully before submitting your site to Google News so you can be sure that your site’s content is compatible with it, and that you don’t risk being refused acceptance of your request.


Create a custom sitemap for Google News

One of the conditions that must also be fulfilled before submitting your site to Google News to be archived is to create a special sitemap.

If you do not know what a sitemap means, it is simply a small file that contains a list of the content on your site, whether articles or pages.

The sitemap aims to help Google discover the content of your site, whether old or new, in addition to facilitating the archiving process so that your site appears in the search results.

But be aware that the Google News sitemap is different from the general sitemap that usually comes in XML format.

The Google News sitemap includes only news content of all kinds, including articles, photos, and videos.

A sitemap allows Google News to access and display news articles on your site directly to users.

In order to create a sitemap for Google News, you need to install the great All in One SEO (AIOSEO) plugin which helps you in optimizing your site powerfully for search engines.


You can install the free plugin by going to the “Plugins” section of the WordPress dashboard, then “Add New”.

After that, enter the name of the extension in the search box, then press the install button.

After the installation process is completed, click on the Activate button.


“It should be noted that we will need the paid version of the All in One SEO plugin  .”

Because, although there is a free version of the extension, the feature to create a custom sitemap for Google News is not present in it.”

After purchasing and activating the plugin, head over to the “Sitemaps” section under the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard.

Then go to the “News Sitemap” tab and click on the green “Activate News Sitemap” button.


After that, you have to make sure that the “Enable Sitemap” option is enabled.

You can also view the current sitemap by clicking on the “Open News Sitemap” button.

Introducing WordPress in Google News


Scrolling down the page a little bit, you will find settings for the news site map, which is to choose the type of content you want to include within the map, such as articles and events, or choose all types of content.

Choosing a Content Type for Google News


You will also notice that there is an “Advanced Settings” option, by clicking on it, a field will appear through which you can search for any content within your site that you do not want to appear on your news site map.

All in one seo


Steps to Submit a WordPress Site in Google News

After creating a Google News sitemap, you will be able to submit your site to Google news for review.

The first step you should do is go to the Google Publisher Center website and sign in with your Gmail account.

You will then see a welcome message, press the “Got it” button to bypass it.

Google news


Then click on the “Add publication” button on the left of the screen in order to add your site.

Add the site to Google News


From the next window, enter the name and address of your website, as well as choose your geographical location.

After that, click on the button to agree to the terms and conditions, then click on the “Add publication” button.


Now after adding the site, you have to adjust the settings by pressing the “Publication settings” button.


A new page will appear in front of you containing some of your site data that you previously entered, but now you need to enter the primary language of your site.


You must also verify ownership of your site via Google Search Console .


Additional settings

As for the additional options on the page, it is the ability to add other websites you own “Additional website property URLs”, or add “Contacts” to manage your account.


Adjust your Google News settings

After completion, click on the “Next” button.


In the next step, you will need to add your site’s logo, as there are several options available to raise a square or rectangular logo, in addition to the possibility of adding your site’s fonts for use.

google news settings

Then click on the “Save” button.


Returning to the Google Publisher Center homepage, click on the “Google News” box.



Then click on the “Edit” button.

Google News


From this page, you can adjust more Google News settings by writing a description of your site “Publication description” to help both Google and users understand the content, and you must choose the type of content that your site provides.

You can also, through the “Distribution” section, specify whether you want your site to appear in all countries of the world, or choose specific countries to block your site’s content from appearing in users’ search results.


After completion, click on the “Next” button.


On the next page, you will see the “Sections” option, through which you can add sections that appear in the form of tabs on the home page that help you organize and manage the presentation of your site’s content well.

When you click on the “+ New section” button, you will find several sections:

  • Feed: You can add an RSS feed if your site supports it.
  • Web location: Add a specific location as a source of content.
  • Video: Add a YouTube channel as a source of content.
  • Personalized feed: Another custom type of content.

google news settings


You can also block some people that you previously added to the Google Publisher Center control panel from some of the content sections you added through Access groups.

google news settings

Then click on the “Next” button.


Submit your site to Google News for review

On the last page, you will see a review of the information you entered, where you can amend it if there is an error by pressing its “Review” button.

You can also add your site to favorites within the Google News application available on Android and IOS so that you can follow your site through your phone at any time, by pressing the “Follow publication” button.

Submit your site to Google News

Finally, click on the “Publish” button to submit your site to Google for review.

The review process may take about two weeks or more to be approved or rejected.

With this, we have come to the end of today’s article in which we explained the easiest way to show your WordPress site in Google News results with detailed and simple steps.


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