9 tips to increase the speed of your WordPress site

speed of your WordPress site

Do you want to increase the speed and improve the performance of your WordPress site?

You definitely want it because this helps from the user experience as a study was done

By “StrangeLoop” on big sites like Google and Amazon and it turns out that

Delaying site loading by one second reduces conversions by 7%, reduces the number of

Page views increased by 11%, and user satisfaction decreased by 16%.


Also, you must know that site speed is one of the main factors in ranking your site

in search engines. Whereas, search engines penalize websites that are slow

In the download speed and put it in the late results, which means that it will reduce the number of

visits to your site.


You can know the loading speed of your site or some of the pages in your site by

This is a great free tool “Pingdom” that gives you an analysis of your site performance from

different places. It analyzes your site’s performance based on knowing your loading speed

All pages of your site.


Just enter the address of your site or the page you want to know the speed of in the URL

And click on Start Test and know your site’s loading speed ( it should be

The upload speed is less than 2 seconds) , the lower the upload speed the better.


If you find that the loading speed of your site is high (10 seconds for example), what is the reason?

What makes your site slow?

  • Hosting your site : Do not rely on a company that provides you with bad servers, this affects

The speed of your site and the slow loading of its pages.

  • Configure WordPress : Increasing the cache in your pages increases the speed

download, it is therefore necessary to delete the cache periodically.

  • Page Size : Make sure your images are configured before uploading them to your site.

• Bad Plugins : Installing programmed plugins in an unprofessional and unprofessional manner

Bad code will have a negative impact on your site and cause a slow loading of its pages.

  • External scripts : such as advertisements, template tools, etc. if they are relied on

In an unprofessional way it is one of the reasons for the slowness.


Therefore, in this article, we will talk about some tips and ways to increase the speed and performance

Your WordPress site is making some improvements and installing some plugins.


1. Choose a good hosting

The first thing to take care of before creating a website is to choose a good service provider

Hosting for you is the basis on which you build your site. Otherwise, if you

With great effort in the content you provide and internal and external improvements to your site

With a bad service provider, it means that your effort is worthless!!

Choosing the type of host depends on the nature and purpose of your site’s work.

And also the number of targeted visitors, so  choose the appropriate hosting  based on

The goals you want to reach from your site.


2. Use a good template

When you choose a WordPress template for your site, it is necessary to take care of creating the template

Before getting it, some of the paid templates have their own code written

In an unprofessional way, which makes it a burden on your site and reduces its speed.


If you are using one of the free templates that WordPress offers you then don’t worry about

This is because WordPress reviews it, but if you are using an external theme

Paid for example, review this template and see how people evaluate it and its performance.


Also, beware of stolen templates that are uploaded in forums and blogs

Do you think he bought the template and uploaded it to you free of charge?


of course not ! You are the opposite, as most of these templates are mined with backlinks

Viruses and a lot of harmful files for your site.


Try to use the template and simple additions and remember the Arabic saying

‘The beauty of the calligraphy is its clarity’.


If you purchased your theme from popular theme stores such as Themeforest ,

StudioPress ,  Themify , &  Array Themes  “Do not worry about this because the management

These companies review and ensure that the template is of good quality, speed, and configuration.


3. Install cache plugins

Dynamic WordPress pages. I mean animated, WordPress is up every time

By building virtual pages for each person who visits the page, WordPress

A complex process with several steps to come up with the required information and present it to the visitor, and this is

It slows down your site when it is frequented by a large number of visitors.

As you can see in this graphic, when a visitor browses one of the pages of your site that

Designed with PHP, the server retrieves information from the data memory

MySQL and your site’s PHP files, and then puts this data into content

HTML to make it look good to the visitor.


The very simple solution in  order to speed up the steps of this complex process, is

Installing an add-on that deletes the cache, it increases the speed

Your site is 3 times more than normal.


There are a lot of plugins for this purpose, but what we advise you to do is install these

The free add- on WP super cache and activating it very easily 

this job for you.


4. Configure the images used on your site


You may use a lot of images in writing your website content in order to present

Better user experience because the picture is faster to deliver speech than writing, this

Good and increases the visitor’s love for reading content by 80%, but there is a problem

Big If you do not format these images well, it will reduce the download speed

your site pages.


So if you use one of the pictures that you take with the camera or use

Professional photos are from the sites that provide you with this service, so try to use

A program (Photoshop) or a tool such as tinypng  to reduce the size of an image.


The best recommended extension for websites is   ‘PNG’ , this extension is not

It compresses images and maintains their quality and does not lose any of the image properties.

But if the image contains a lot of colors, it will be larger

It is large and will take a long time to load in your site, you need to compress it

and convert it to ‘JPEG’  .


5. Use the latest WordPress update



Because WordPress is based on open source software, it performs a procedure

Regular updates to display more features and solve some security issues

Or technical, and also some of the ‘Plugins’ that you use in WordPress.


Always try to keep your site updated moment by moment every once in a while

Available versions of the WordPress system, your site template, the plugins you have

You are using it, there may be some disadvantages in the old version.


6- Splitting comments on more than one page

Split comments into more than one page



Do you have a lot of comments on your blog articles?

This is great and indicates the success of your blog!


But this large number of comments reduces the speed of the page that contains

The article and the solution is very easy: split the comments to appear on more than one

Page  through  Settings » Discussion  and teach

On the “Break comments into pages” option.

Break comments into page


7- Use YouTube to upload videos



You can upload the videos directly to your site and the video will work in a player

‘HTML5’ but this will cost you a lot of Bandwith and possibly weaken your site

Even if your plan includes Unlimited Bandwith!


The best solution for placing videos on your blog is to rely on upload services

Videos such as (YouTube, Vimeo, Dali Motion..etc) these sites bear

Upload thousands of videos without problems, all you will do is put a private ‘URL’

The video will be uploaded to your page and the video will be uploaded and shown automatically within the page.


8- Reducing saved copies of content modifications


You may make a lot of edits to one article, one article, but

WordPress stores these versions individually, each one separately. and maybe

He keeps these copies after your article is published, so what’s the point of keeping them?


You can control these copies by adding this small code in a file


define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 4 );


This will make WordPress keep only the last 4 versions you stored and ignore

Old versions automatically.


9- Reduce your website homepage loading time

There are some improvements that we recommend that you make to the home page of your site

To increase the speed of its loading because it is often the most important page on your site and the most pages

used by visitors.

Here are some tips

  • Show excerpts from your articles instead of showing them in full.
  • Reduce the number of articles appearing on the home page (5-7 articles are preferred)
  • Remove unwanted widgets from your home page
  • Delete unwanted widgets and plugins.

And remember that distracting the user on the home page will do you no good.


What is your admiration?

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