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Wordfence or Sucuri? Advantages and disadvantages and determine the most powerful addition

Wordfence or Sucuri

Sucuri and Wordfence are among the most popular and used plugins to protect and secure WordPress sites, and there are many comparisons that confuse the site owner in choosing the right one for him, whether the free or paid version of the add-on. There are many similar features between the two add-ons, as well as some advantages and disadvantages to each one being perfect.

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive comparison between Sucuri and Wordfence and talk about the differences in features, the mechanism of each add-on for malware scanning, the differences in firewalls, as well as the rest of the security tools that both the free and paid add-ons provide.

Wordfence Sucuri

This question is often asked among WordPress site owners, which is the best plugin for my site? Should I choose Sucuri or choose Wordfence? What will both add-ons provide in terms of protection for my site?

In general, Wordfence and Sucuri are among the most important plugins in the field of WordPress security and offer many reliable protection services in both versions: free and paid, and each of them helps you protect your site from various threats from malware, blind force attacks and various types of hacks.

In general, there is no comprehensive extension that does everything, both extensions offer some effective protection tools to secure your site, for example, we can say that Wordfence is distinguished through preventive security measures, through easy setup, and free features that it offers that you in Sucuri need to pay for it, and in return Sucuri excels in site monitoring and malware scanning/removal and in its premium plans such as WAF Protection and DDoS Protection.

Another thing to keep in mind is the price difference between the two add-ons in the paid version. Wordfence prices start at $99.99 per year and Sucuri for $299.99 per year, so you must take a closer look at the specifications and requirements you want before choosing .

And let’s now talk in more depth about the differences between Wordfence and Sucuri, we can move on and talk in more depth about the differences and take a quick tour of the advantages of each addition to the following.

What does the Wordfence extension offer?

Wordfence, the most popular WordPress security and security plugin, provides you with a firewall and malware scanner in addition to other add-ons. Wordfence offers many basic services for free, as well as many paid plans with additional features.

Wordfence offers you features, such as:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Malware Scanner
  • Monitoring and safety warning
  • data repair
  • Monitor users in real time  

What does Sucuri add on offer?

On the other hand, the Sucuri add-on is based on a cloud system that can work with any content management system, as well as Sucuri offers some features for free, and offers the most advanced features for a fee.

Sucuri offers you features, such as:

  • Scan for malware on your site
  • blacklist control
  • Send security notices
  • Post-Breach Actions

When you choose, you will look for someone who offers you their services for free, who provides you with full support, who can be easily set up, who has a lower price for features, who provides a good user experience, excellent protection, and more.


The most important differences between Wordfence and Sucuri

Let’s now talk about the most important differences or features offered by both add-ons in terms of basic security settings and ease of use for non-specialists, as well as all the protection properties offered by both add-ons, to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them in a particular part.

1- Ease of use

One of the important things to think about is how easy it is to use the extension as well as how easy it is to set up and control the extension so that you can manage the security of your site without having to write code or some advanced skills. Let’s take a tour of the control panel of each of them as follows:


The Wordfence extension comes with an easy control panel that does not require much technical expertise, once you add it, you will be asked to add your email to receive security notifications, and the Wordfence main panel contains the basic features in one screen, so that you see notifications, scan results, scan results, and a summary of the work of a wall Protection and other important information.

The Wordfence firewall will work in a learning mode and will run an automatic test and scan in the background for your site and then show you the results, so you will find that the main interface of Wordfence is suitable for the average user, as it contains a lot of options and settings and needs a little learning.


On the other hand, Sucuri also offers you an easy and simple control panel, where once the extension is activated, a quick scan will be done, and it will show you the results on the control panel. Of course, there are a lot of options that you need to know and search well, but the general options for setup are easy for beginners.

As for the firewall, it is based on cloud technologies and works separately from your server.

Thus, we can say that all the two add-ons provide an easy and simple interface for the average user who does not need to have prior skills to use either of them.

2- Firewall (WAF)

A firewall (WAF) is one of the most important tools to add protection to your site . With a firewall, you can monitor your site, block common security threats, track traffic to your site, and more. Let’s get acquainted with the features of the firewall in both Wordfence and Sucuri with the following:


Wordfence Firewall is an application based firewall, when you install the extension the firewall will run in learning mode and then you can configure the settings manually.

The firewall will monitor your site traffic and won’t let in malicious traffic or from known hacking bots, so Wordfence Firewall is an endpoint firewall, meaning that when visits reach your hosting server Wordfence will block unwanted visits.


The firewall in Sucuri is a cloud-based firewall, meaning that it will be able to block unwanted visits even before reaching the hosting server. Rather, once you set up the extension, Sucuri WAF will start securing the traffic that comes to your site.

Sucuri also has Content Delivery Network ( CDN ) servers spread across different regions, so this should also help with faster response time and better site protection.

So we can say that Sucuri uses more effective machine learning algorithms to block malicious traffic than Wordfence Firewall, but Sucuri Firewall is only in the paid version, and Wordfence is available in the free version.

3- Security and monitoring notifications

Both add-ons provide the ability to monitor your site continuously as well as send notifications and emails to detect any suspicious activity on your site and inform you immediately to take the appropriate action


Notifications will appear in the Dashboard, Wordfence will send email notifications to notify you of the most important threats to your site, and you can customize settings and email alerts on and off.


For Sucuri, all alerts, updates, and logs will be displayed on the home screen. Sucuri has a system to manage alerts and control them in real time and is faster in notifying all activities from Wordfence, and the paid version has a scanning system that works at a high rate depending on the plan you subscribe to.

Thus, we can say, that both add-ons provide important features for monitoring and monitoring of suspicious activities on your site, but Sucuri has a faster alert management system than Wordfence, especially in the paid version.

4- Check for malware

Also, one of the most important criteria you need to add protection is to search and remove malware. Both extensions search for malware on your site or discover code commands that may pose security threats on your site, and each of them differs in the methods of searching for malware as follows:


Wordfence searches your site files, template files and plugins, searches for security vulnerabilities as well as all site content. In the free version, the process of automatic Passover will notify you of all Passover results, and for the paid version you will have more scanning options.


Sucuri add a comprehensive scan of your site, scan it for malware or any error on the site as well as search for security problems if they exist and notify you immediately, you can also schedule the scan process or compare your files to make sure they are valid and not hacked or select specific files to not be erased And many more.

Thus, we can say, that both add-ons provide important features for checking your site files periodically, and the examination degrees differ in both add-ons, whether in the free or paid version of each.

5- Clean the hacked site

Both Sucuri and Wordfence provide the ability to clean your site in case of hacking, and the extension completely deletes malicious files.


This service is not part of Wordfence’s free or paid plan, but rather a separately sold product that scans pages and sites for malware and removes these files.


All Sucuri paid plans include the ability to clean your site. This includes cleaning the page, deleting the blacklist, fixing spam, and more.

Thus, both add-ons provide important features in the paid version to clean the hacked site and scan it for malware and other matters related to site protection.


In general, the Sucuri add-on is a reliable addition in the level of security that it provides to site owners in terms of the mechanism of checking files and the strength of the security tools that you rely on in the paid versions of the add-on, while the free version has limited options. On the other hand, Wordfence provides you with perfect protection options for free that you can rely on, but do not rely on the same technologies as Sucuri in the paid version.

Thus we can say that if you have the possibility to pay some money, Sucuri is the best option for you, and if you are looking for a free add-on to secure your site for free, then Wordfence will be the perfect choice for you

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