14 free WooCommerce plugins that will make you run your store like a pro

free WooCommerce plugins

With the WordPress CMS and WooCommerce e-commerce plugin being open source and essentially free, and popular for managing e-commerce websites, there are a large number of free plugins that can help make it easier to work with and develop your online store.

In this article, we will introduce you to 14 additions that help you manage your online store managed by WooCommerce, and make it easier for potential customers who visit the store to reach what they want by adding many additional helpful features.

1. Added store view switch from manager to customer

It is good for the manager of the online store to make sure that his store works well with customers by testing the ordering system, the shopping experience, and various other aspects of the store from time to time, especially after making modifications or installing additions to WooCommerce, as this can lead to disruption or cause a problem in the store, thus affecting conversion rate and reducing purchase orders and profits.

Add WPC Shop as a Customer window to switch between user roles

Switching between the manager role and the customer role in the store can be a little tiring, as you will need to log out and log back in a number of times to go to the customer and store experience role, and then back to the manager role, and to make this task easier, the WPC Shop as a Customer add-on was created Which provides you to easily switch between user roles with just a few clicks on the front end.

2. Adding the creation and design of the Frequently Asked Questions section in a professional manner

Placing FAQs on the website or online store benefits customers and owners of websites or stores alike, because it saves customers the trouble and time needed to contact you to get answers to common questions they have, and saves you as a store owner the trouble and time needed to answer their questions, and this in turn It is beneficial to the online store.

WPC Product FAQs Add FAQ window

Also, placing common questions about products on their pages gives you an opportunity for search engine optimization, because it gives you an effective way to use keywords in the right place, especially those specific long-tail keywords called (long-tail keywords), and frequently asked questions also help build audience trust your target.

If you are looking for a free and powerful plugin that allows you to add FAQs in your online store that is managed by WooCommerce, then WPC Product FAQs plugin will end your search, because it has many useful features that greatly facilitate the inclusion of FAQs in the store with a set of Various options for customizing the display of different aspects of the questions. The main advantages of this component include:

  • There are options that allow you to show the question on a specific set of product pages, such as tagged products, or only on a single product page, as you wish.
  • Easy to use, as you do not have to write difficult code to add questions and answers and show them on the product pages of your site.
  • You can rearrange the questions to whatever you want with easy drag and drop.
  • There is no limit to the number of questions and answers you can add, as you can add as many as you want.

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3. The addition of a bar insert informs the buyer when they will reach the order limit which entitles them to free shipping

Shipping fees, even those that are low, can sometimes cause the buyer to cancel the order after adding the products to the cart, which contributes to reducing sales, and if the goal of creating your store is to profit by selling products, then you must quickly take measures to solve the problem .

To help prevent buyers from canceling orders due to shipping fees, you can add a bar that tells the buyer how much to add items to the cart up to the point where they can get free shipping based on the number of products currently in stock, and you can easily do this through The WPC Free Shipping Bar plugin that works on WooCommerce, and has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • The ability to display the tape in the place you want through a short code .
  • The ability to choose the width of the tape as you want (there are two forms that you can choose from).
  • Compatibility with WordPress shopping cart plugins, such as WPC Fly Cart and WPC Added to Cart Notification.
  • The ability to customize the colors of the ribbon to match the colors of your online store.
Image showing the bar informing the customer how much items must be added to cart to receive free shipping

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4. Add and share the shopping cart with the products it contains

Image showing the Share Cart button that can be added with the WPC Share Cart plugin

Your online store customers may need to share their shopping cart with the products it contains with other people, or with other devices they own to continue the purchase process from another device. If you would like to offer this feature to customers in your WooCommerce store, you can do so through the WPC Share Cart add-on , as this add-on makes it possible to share the shopping cart and view its contents via a dedicated link with great ease.

5. Adding product filtering based on their price

Adding product filtering based on their price
The product filtering section based on their prices can be added with the WPC Smart Price Filter plugin

Visitors to the online store often need to view and browse the products that fall within their budget range only, and for this reason, having a tool that filters products based on their prices is important and useful at the same time, because the lack of a filter tool makes it difficult for the user to reach what he wants, and this may affect negatively on your conversion rate and earnings.

The WPC Smart Price Filter plugin that works on WooCommerce provides online store owners with the ability to add a section that allows visitors to easily filter products based on their prices anywhere in the online store by inserting a short code for the filter tool.

This add-on has many advantages related to its field of work, including:

  • Customize price ranges as you like.
  • It can be displayed anywhere on the site.
  • The ability to hide or show the number of products in each price range.

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6. Adding the format and arrangement of order notes in the store

The Order Notes page in the WPC Order Notes add-on that displays all notes in one place

The WPC Order Notes add -on does not make it easier for customers to buy products or find what they want in your online store, but it is one of the effective additions in helping to manage in the WordPress backend, as it makes it easier for you, as a store owner, to view notes on orders through a pop-up window that can be shown from one place, and this It will be much easier for you to follow.

7. An addition that allows the customer to suggest the price he wants

Some owners of websites or online stores may need, in special cases, to allow the customer to set or suggest a price as they think is appropriate, such as stores that provide some services for free and ask the beneficiary to donate to continue updating the service, or fundraising sites , or stores that sell rare products that It does not have a fixed price, in these cases it would be appropriate to let the potential buyer suggest the price he wants.

You can activate the feature of allowing the customer to suggest or specify the price in WooCommerce by using the WPC Name Your Price add-on , which provides you with the ability to place a custom field or a custom drop-down list to suggest the price to the buyer on the product page in a simple and easy way, in addition to many other advantages, such as:

  • The ability to set a minimum and an upper limit for the suggested price, where the potential buyer cannot suggest a price outside the range defined by these two limits.
  • The ability to suggest decimal prices (comma-separated numbers), such as 2.95, 30.05, or 2.99, and this feature is one of the most important features of this add-on that is rarely found in other add-ons.

8. The addition of enabling the buyer to order more than one item when adding to the cart

It is useful for all online stores to allow their customers to order more than one piece of the product in the same ordering process in order to facilitate the purchase process for buyers who want to buy several pieces of the same product, and to raise the possibility of the buyer ordering more than one piece of the product to increase profits.

If you use WooCommerce to manage your online store, you can use the WPC Product Quantity add-on to activate this feature in your store with the ability to customize many options related to it as you want, such as specifying a minimum and maximum quantity that can be added to the cart, and activating decimal quantities (numbers) commas), in addition to many other features.

9. Create group products from individual products of different varieties

A grouped product created in WooCommerce with the WPC Grouped Product plugin
A grouped product created in WooCommerce with the WPC Grouped Product plugin

Bundled products are a great way to suggest a group of individual products to the customer to buy together and increase sales and profits. For example, you can create a bundled product from different menswear items such as shoes, shirts, pants, and hats with the ability to allow the visitor to delete individual products from the bundled product and specify the quantity of each product. Of which.

The WPC Grouped Product add -on that works on WooCommerce is considered one of the best add-ons that allow online store owners to create grouped products in the store, because it has many very useful features, including but not limited to:

  • It’s easy to search for individual products and add them to the bulk product.
  • Ability to rearrange items in the bulk product through drag and drop.
  • Enable or disable the Go to individual product link.
  • The ability to show or hide the product thumbnail and details as you like.
  • Allows to specify a custom image for the bundled product that is different from the individual product images.

10. Activate adding the product to the cart without having to reload the page

User experience is one of the most important things that website and store owners must continue to improve to keep their websites and stores on the path to success by increasing visits, sales, and profits. Adding a group of products that appear next to each other, as this task will make it difficult for him to reload the page.

Some WordPress templates support the ability to add products to the cart without the need to re-upload them, while others do not support that, but you will not need to change your store template to activate this feature if it does not support it, but you can do so by using the WPC AJAX Add to Cart plugin that Automatically activate the addition of the product to the cart without the need to reload the page immediately after its installation and activation on the site.

11. Activate offers and discounts within specific time periods

Administration page in WPC Product Timer plugin

Online store owners may need to perform some tasks related to products at certain times or starting from certain dates, such as hiding some products after a certain date, showing some products starting from a certain date, or setting a specific price for the product within a certain period of time that is different from its price. primary, or other procedures.

But the store owner does not have to restrict himself to the site at the time he wants to perform a task on the products in it if he uses WooCommerce to manage his store, as there are many plugins that can be used to schedule such tasks to be performed automatically when the necessary time that the store manager predetermines The most important of which is the addition of WPC Product Timer , which has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • It is easy to use, as anyone with experience with WordPress and WooCommerce can use it to schedule the execution of tasks on products.
  • There are time-related execution options with different patterns, such as the possibility of execution every certain period, or when a specific date comes, etc.
  • It allows you to write or choose the time and date through the visual calendar, which reduces effort and time in entering the required date and time.

The tasks that WPC Product Timer allows to be scheduled include:

  • Show or hide products.
  • Make products distinctive or non-distinguishable.
  • Set the status of products in stock (existing or not existing).
  • Mark the product as available for purchase or not available for purchase.
  • Set the selling price of products within a specific date range, and their base price.

It is worth noting that this add-on is very suitable for use in periods of offers that include discounts on products, where you can set a low price for the product during the offer period, as the price is automatically adjusted to the low price when the offer begins, and then it is returned to the regular price when it ends.

12. Adding the creation of a list of products that are usually purchased together and suggesting them to the visitor

A list of products that are usually purchased with the current product is created by the WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin

Using the WPC Frequently Bought Together add -on that works on WooCommerce, you can create a list of products that visitors are expected to buy together to be displayed at the bottom of the individual product page, where the buyer can save some money if they buy this suggested list of products with the individual product that they are purchasing or browsing Currently.

There are many options in the extension that enable you to customize the list of products that you want to suggest and the information that will be displayed within it, such as the option to customize the text that is written before or after the list, and the option to specify the price of the product when it is purchased as part of the group of list products as a percentage or as a specified amount by entering it in the appropriate field, as well as many other useful customization options.

13. Putting a floating shopping cart icon that appears to the visitor throughout the period of browsing the products

Image showing the floating shopping cart icon and the shopping cart that appears when you click on the icon

It may be appropriate for most online stores to enable the visitor or customer to show the shopping cart at the time he wants by simply clicking on a floating icon or button without the need to scroll to the top or bottom of the page to click on the button and review the products in the cart, as this makes the user experience Better, because it makes it easier for him to get what he wants.

The WPC Fly Cart plugin is suitable for showing a floating cart icon in WooCommerce stores because it has many useful features related to the floating button, including:

  • Show the contents of the shopping cart in a window that appears above the content of the page when clicking on the small floating basket icon, and the window can be closed easily after you have finished managing the contents of the basket through it.
  • Customizing many of the properties of the floating basket icon, as well as controlling many of the properties of the shopping cart window that appears when clicking on the basket icon.
  • The cart window that appears when you click on the floating icon displays many details about the contents, including the total price of the products added to the cart, images and names of the products, and the price of each one.
  • There are several styles of bubbles that you can choose to display the floating cart icon in your store, as well as several styles for the window that displays the products in the cart.

14. Enabling visitors to easily compare the products of the online store

The human mind makes decisions in various forms and at different levels and importance by making appropriate comparisons that enable it to determine whether this option is good or not, and therefore it would be good for your store to add a feature that allows customers to compare products with each other to make it easier for them to decide to buy the product.

Product comparison tool created in WooCommerce using WPC Smart Compare plugin

The WPC Smart Compare add -on for WooCommerce enables you to provide the comparison functionality to store visitors easily and conveniently thanks to its very powerful features, which allows visitors to compare more than two products at the same time, while supporting the ability to customize a lot of properties related to color and start button position Comparison, comparisons and much more.

In the event that you want to learn how to install these and other plugins on your online store, you can review our comprehensive article ( How to properly install and activate a WordPress plugin on your site ), which explained how to install WordPress plugins in more than one way.

And there, dear reader, we finish introducing you to the most important WordPress plugins that work with online stores that are managed by WooCommerce, which will definitely help you manage your store professionally and improve the user experience on it, and we note in conclusion that it is not necessary to install all the plugins that we mentioned. It has the above, but only the additions that you need to have the advantages it provides to develop your store and keep it on the path to success.

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