WooCommerce hosting and its most important advantages that make it suitable for online stores

WooCommerce hosting and its most important

With the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry over the past few years, web hosting service providers have realized that it is better for them and the owners of online stores to provide specialized hosting suitable for creating platforms for selling products and services on the Internet, as they knew that this would help aspirants to establish successful online stores, and make it easier for them reach their goals.

And because the WooCommerce program that converts the WordPress site into a full-featured online store with the help of plugins and extensions that work with it is one of the most popular ways to create an online store, it has become common to have WooCommerce hosting plans among the hosting plans provided by companies that provide web hosting solutions.

But the concept of WooCommerce Hosting may not be as popular and well-known as other types of hosting such as WordPress Hosting, so in this article we will explain in detail what WooCommerce hosting means, and we will also introduce you to its most important advantages that make it more suitable for online stores, We will also take a look at the best hosting company that you can rely on to create an online store.

WooCommerce hosting

There are many standards on which web hosting can be divided into types based on it, and the hosting server standard is the most famous among those standards, as hosting is divided accordingly into four basic types: shared hosting , VPS hosting , cloud hosting , and dedicated hosting .

However, there are many other types of web hosting that were known, but they did not appear based on the division of hosting into types depending on the server, but rather based on the advantages provided by the company that offers the hosting plan to make its service more suitable for the website or online store that the customer wants. Create it, and these types include WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting.

In the sense that WooCommerce hosting is a web hosting that is improved and features added to it to become more suitable for creating an online store on it based on the WooCommerce program that works within the framework of the WordPress content management system, and among the improvements and advantages of WooCommerce hosting are what is related to performance and speed, including what is related to the technical functions that Facilitate and speed up the creation and management of online stores.

Is WooCommerce hosting different from WordPress hosting?

Although almost every WordPress hosting is capable of running a WooCommerce online store, WooCommerce hosting is not the same as WordPress hosting, as there are many differences that can be seen between these two types of web hosting.

But WooCommerce hosting does not differ from hosting WordPress on the server side, but rather the difference is related to features and improvements only, just as hosting WordPress is more configured than regular hosting to create and manage a website through WordPress, hosting WooCommerce is more configured than hosting WordPress to create and manage an online store through WooCommerce.

However, although the difference lies only in technical improvements and advantages, it is not preferable to use WordPress hosting to create an online store (unless you have good experience in managing an online store), as the improvements and advantages that come with WooCommerce hosting do not make it easy to manage the store. Not only online, but it can also increase your sales and profits by optimizing and optimizing the store’s performance.

It is worth noting that some web hosting companies provide WooCommerce hosting solutions that are completely identical to their WordPress hosting solutions, where the WordPress hosting plans are the same as the WooCommerce hosting plans without any additional features except for simple features such as creating a landing page for the online store and so on, so know the advantages WooCommerce hosting plan provided by the company is well before you buy it.

Advantages of WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce hosting is distinguished over various other types of hosting, including WordPress hosting, with many advantages that make it more suitable for creating successful professional online stores, and the most prominent of these advantages include, for example, the following:

WooCommerce pre-installed

When you purchase a regular web hosting plan to create and run an online store on it, you will need to install WordPress on the hosting in one of the appropriate ways, and then you will need to install WooCommerce on WordPress and set it up to be able to start the process of launching your online store.

Buying a WooCommerce hosting plan for online stores shortens a lot of steps, as WordPress and WooCommerce are installed and at least partially prepared on your hosting, and this saves you time and effort, and this will be very useful if you do not have enough time, or you do not have the appropriate experience to set up WordPress and WooCommerce yourself.

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Features suitable for high performance

Online stores have unique performance requirements, as unlike normal WordPress sites, the mass caching feature that speeds up website opening cannot be applied to online stores, and if it was done, many basic functions in the store such as the shopping cart would be broken.

Therefore, good WooCommerce hosting plans usually include a caching feature suitable for WooCommerce stores, as all pages and items that cannot be applied to caching are excluded, while the feature is applied to pages and items that its application does not affect the user’s ability to interact with the store and make purchases .

Also, the databases of WooCommerce stores are usually significantly larger than the databases of a normal WordPress site, and this can severely affect the performance of the store and reflect in the form of slow loading times or downtime on the site, especially when performing heavy queries such as when the search engine is used in The site to find products.

To solve this and other performance issues, hosting service providers include in their WooCommerce hosting plans features that help reduce the load on the online store’s database tables, such as activating the ability to search for products through a search index, and creating special data tables to improve the overall performance of the online store. .


Backup is important for all websites, but it is more important for electronic stores, because the store data is constantly changing, so every time a product or service is requested from the store by a customer, more information is added to the database, so if any error occurs in the store You may lose all your store data and buyers’ information, which may cause you a lot of material losses at times.

The backup feature that is provided with WooCommerce hosting usually provides the ability to keep an updated copy of your store data in a safe place to restore it when needed, and some hosting companies do not offer daily backups within the benefits of WooCommerce hosting plan only, but also provide hourly backups, which will enable you to almost avoid Loss of any data in case your store encounters an error.

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Many hosting companies guarantee certain percentages of uptime, as hosting should not stop working for more time than the uptime percentage specifies, so if the uptime percentage for web hosting, for example, is 99%, then this means that your hosting (and therefore your site or store You won’t stop more than about 400 minutes a month.

A 99% uptime guarantee can be enough for some websites, but it is not at all suitable for online stores, as a minute of downtime can sometimes mean hundreds of dollars in lost profits, and shoppers and customers lose confidence in the store, so instead of a 99% uptime rate WooCommerce hosting has an uptime of 99.9% in normal condition.

It is necessary to pay great attention to the percentage of uptime that the hosting company guarantees when buying a WooCommerce hosting plan, and to prefer hosting service providers that guarantee higher uptimes over others, and it is also necessary to take into account what the hosting provider will provide in the event that it does not fulfill its promise regarding uptime Compensation must be detailed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

High security level

High security is an important feature that a web hosting plan must provide, with nearly 30,000 new websites exposed to hacking every day, you must ensure that your project will not be one of them, especially if it is an online store that exchanges sensitive data with customers related to their bank accounts and information Personal.

Therefore, WooCommerce hosting generally comes with security features that exceed the security features included in the regular web hosting plan or those intended for WordPress sites and not for online stores. The security features of WooCommerce hosting provided by different companies are different, but almost all companies offer an SSL certificate that encrypts and protects the information exchanged between customers and the online store.

Specialized technical support

Although WooCommerce, CMS, and WordPress are generally easy to use, and there is a lot of explanation about them on the Internet, online store owners can sometimes need expert help when they encounter problems that they cannot solve on their own.

Fortunately, WooCommerce hosting plans suitable for online stores usually include specialized technical support provided by a team of experts in the program, and the necessary support is usually provided quickly, as the technical support team understands that any defect or problem in the store must be fixed in the shortest possible time, because More downtime means more losses for you.

staging sites

Website staging tools that are offered under some web hosting plans allow website and online store owners to test and try out changes on a version of the site or store that is different from, but identical to, the published version that visitors are browsing.

For example, if you want to make changes to the design of your online store, you can create a staging store (a copy of the store that is identical to it at the moment it was created), then make and try out the design modifications in that staging store, where those modifications appear only to you, and then when Adopting it replaces the staging store with the original store that appears to visitors and customers.

In fact, staging sites are not a feature of WooCommerce hosting, as they are included in most WordPress hosting plans offered by various hosting companies, but because the online store data changes within a short time, the traditional staging site feature may lead to some data loss, when you create a staging store , then you modify it, and after several days you approve it as a primary store, the orders added during the period between the creation of the staging store and its approval will be lost.

Therefore, the staging store tool that comes with WooCommerce hosting plans provides options that allow avoiding data loss, and these options may differ from one company to another, but the store owner is usually given the option between replacing the original store completely with the staging store or replacing files and spreadsheets that he defines, And keep the rest of the data as it is in the original site and not replace it.

Disadvantages of WooCommerce Hosting

Despite the many important advantages offered by WooCommerce hosting plans, this type of hosting, like any other type, suffers from some disadvantages. The most prominent disadvantages of WooCommerce hosting that you should probably take into consideration before purchasing this type of hosting include:

  • The high cost , as WooCommerce hosting is usually more expensive than regular hosting, and this can prevent you from buying this hosting if you want to keep your project budget within a low specific range.
  • Pre-configuring WooCommerce can cause inconvenience , as programs, plugins, and themes that you don’t need can be installed by the hosting company while they are setting up WordPress and WooCommerce for you.
  • Not all WooCommerce hosting plans include automatic software updates and upgrades , which means that it will be your responsibility to perform various updates, and this may be stressful for some users.

Certain types of WooCommerce hosting plans may also suffer from other drawbacks, such as losing many capabilities and options related to hosting control, but despite this, you can still build a professional online store on most WooCommerce hosting plans provided by most popular hosting companies.

The best web hosting provider suitable for online stores

There are many companies that provide suitable web hosting plans for building electronic stores on them through WordPress and WooCommerce, and the plans of those companies differ from each other, and each company usually offers more than one hosting plan suitable for electronic stores, as the plans differ with resources and advantages so that customers can choose what fits them.

We would like to point out first, before recommending a specific company to buy suitable hosting for WooCommerce online stores, that high performance and reliability are the most important things that must be taken into consideration. Therefore, if you are confused between two companies, one of them provides high performance and reliability without special advantages for online stores, and the other provides many advantages, but The performance and reliability of its hosting is lower, so it is preferable to choose hosting with high performance and reliability.

In terms of performance and reliability, Digital Ocean is one of the best web hosting provider suitable for online stores that will be run through WooCommerce, although the company does not provide private WooCommerce hosting, but it offers high-quality cloud hosting plans that are fully compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce, with advantages Many of the most important are:

  • The company guarantees a very high uptime rate of 99.99%, which is almost ideal for online stores and websites.
  • Excellent hosting offers speed, and this helps the online store to top the search results, because speed is an important factor in ranking.
  • A web hosting plan can be customized to exactly what you want, as you can specify amounts of different resources, and purchase a more suitable plan.
  • Backups are created from the online store daily, and the copy is kept for 7 days, during which time it can be restored.
  • The company secures and encrypts the data stored on the hosting, as well as the traffic data is secured, and an additional security layer can also be added.
  • Popular applications (including WordPress) can be installed on your hosting with one or a few clicks, as hosting plans include a dedicated tool.

As a result of these advantages that we mentioned, and many other advantages of Digital Ocean hosting, and taking into account the great importance of having a high run-time rate for hosting the online store, high page loading speed, and extreme security, we advise you – despite the lack of advantages Especially for WooCommerce, provided by the company with hosting plans – to rely on it if you want to create a successful online store that visitors and customers are satisfied with browsing and buying from.

With this, we have finished introducing you to the concept of WooCommerce hosting dedicated to creating online stores based on the WordPress content management system, its advantages, and the best reliable web hosting to create an online store, and we confirm in conclusion that web hosting must be of high quality, as this is an advantage Necessary to succeed in creating a professional online store.

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