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The Complete Guide to Choosing Tags for SEO

Tags for SEO

One of the common mistakes that some SEO officials make in

Sites is to start choosing keywords from  keyword

planner , so he  starts by choosing a general word in the field of his site / blog and writes, for example

(cars, real estate, used phones..etc) and then chooses some words that

Google suggests it to him and on the basis of it builds the pages of his site.

This method is not effective at all and will not guarantee the success of your site, especially since Google

It gives you some suggestions for words similar to the word you entered, but does not give you

All ideas available for tags.

More important than choosing the keyword is knowing the language the visitor speaks, or the visitor’s goal in the search process

It may be a strange word for you, how will you know the goal of the visitor?

.. Will I judge intentions!

Let’s give you a small example if you have a blog like the Marketing Blog and you deal with b

Some explanations about SEO, and now you want to write a complete guide on

Explanation of SEO and  we have (2 types of visitors: money7u, money7u.com).

money7u: He doesn’t have a general background in SEO, but it’s a form of marketing

Help him to get his site to the first page in Google.

money7u.com: He has a business website/for -profit blog and has already done the basics of setting up

His site is both internal and external and has gone up some results in Google.

I wonder if you wrote an article explaining the process of initialization for search engines, you would write the same

The article is for Tamer and the same article is for Ahmed? Answer: No

Will Tamer type the keyword in the search box is the same as the word that

Ahmed will write it in the search box? Answer: No

Suppose, for example, that you have chosen the word (Explanation of Configuration for Search Engines), then this is

An informational word in which the visitor wants to get some information about SEO, is it

It will benefit you or the visitor if you choose this word for a page on your site that you present

Paid consulting for webmasters? Answer: No

Therefore, we will follow systematic steps to obtain the tags

(Knowing what the visitor wants >> getting the idea >> knowing the number of researchers >>

competitor analysis)

The article is large and contains a lot of tasks that you must apply for this

You may need to save the article (Save as bookmark) and refer to it to get the job done perfectly.

Before you choose keywords, you should know that there are three types of keywords

Search words

1.  Informational words : the visitor needs to know some things or information about

Certain things in your market, for example / Profit from the Internet, how to create a WordPress blog.

2. Legal words : Now the visitor knows the ways to profit from the Internet and finds

The most suitable for him is to create a blog and Driss, but he is reluctant to choose a hosting company

He will write in the search / best hosting companies, how do I choose hosting

appropriate for my site.

3. Purchasing words : The visitor decided to buy hosting from Bluehost, but he wanted to

To get more information about the company or offer, he will write in Google /

Bluehost review, discount coupons from Bluehost.

Each stage the visitor goes through must be taken into consideration, how will he benefit from your blog?

How do you move it from the first step to the second step, or from the second step to the second step?

The third? This is what is known as the Buyer journey because the visitor does not buy from the first day!

Step 1: Get keyword ideas

First you need to get as many ideas for keywords and topics as possible

Which you can write articles about for your blog (regardless of the number of searchers)

But you want to get general ideas.

Personalize your target visitors to attract them to your blog and predict what the general topics will be

Which do you think they care about?

Those interested in making money from the Internet need to know the different traffic sources.

Ways to earn without a big investment / create and manage websites / tools and templates that

He will rely on it without having experience in design, programming…etc.

There are some sources we will draw on to get these ideas

1 ~ Forums 

Despite the great spread of social media, forums are still

Effective means of communication and an environment for presenting content between certain interested persons

Type in Google  “keyword” + “forums”, for example, if your keyword was: education

Children, we will write in the search box “ children’s education” + “forums ”

Now browse the results that will appear to you from the forums and then browse the sections

In the forum, you will find new ideas in each section, and also browse some

Titles of sites written in this forum you will find many and more ideas.

2 ~ Wikipedia

The great site that comes to millions of visitors and is considered a treasure trove of information in more than

Language, you will definitely find great articles for the market you are talking about and unique ideas

For this market, how about you get more ideas for keywords?

Go to Wikipedia and type a general word in your market, for example / raising children


You will find many pages on the site that talk about raising children

Select some of these pages and look at the  “ Contents ” section on the page

Article content

There are a lot of ideas for content and keywords that you can get from

The contents of each page are present.

3 ~  Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the sites where the audience participates

Sharing his favorite pages and articles, one of the most famous of these channels is

Reddit is in foreign content but there is not much of it in content

We don’t know about it other than the , and you can also rely on groups

Facebook and get some ideas from them.

4 ~ Self-education sites

 Self-education sites that offer you training courses, including free ones

Paid, whether foreign, such as Udemy , coursera , or  ,

For keywords, especially if you provide educational content, because the lecturer

He took care in choosing the topics of the course and therefore they are wonderful topics that you can

talk about it.

For example, we will choose the Rawaq platform and start searching for courses related to “Education”


There are about (40) educational materials in this section. After a quick look, we will find that

The Child Behavior Guidance Course is suitable for us.

We will choose this course and then browse to the (Syllabus of the subject) section.


We also see that the trainer chose to explain (guiding the behavior of the child) and dealt with this

The course causes the negative behavior of the child, the steps to modify the behavior..etc.

Through these courses you can get a lot of great ideas.

5 ~ competitors

Of course I have collected the best blogs and sites in your field and you have

A list of competitors leading the way with some of the most famous words in the field in which they are

working in it.

We will rely on this great tool >> Similar web and  copy the URL

Putting it in the search box will show you a lot of information

About (part of the information is free and part is paid, but we will depend on the part

free at first).

Then we go to the search box and you will find the most keywords that bring visitors to the site

For example, if we analyze the site “Mawdoo3” in the mentioned way


You will find the most keywords that visitors come to the site through, for example, 0.78%

From visitors to the topic who come from search engines from the word “characters and professions

Prophets.” So you might write a topic in your blog that depends on this word.

6 ~ Get more

In this method, we will rely on a great free tool, which is  the keywordtool

By placing your keyword in the search box and you can select the language/ search engine/

Target country and bring you hundreds of keyword ideas.

We also explained that the goal of the previous six steps is to get more

Ideas for content and keywords (regardless of monthly search rate

And the exact words we will choose)..

.. simply the tags that we will choose will be divided into two parts

Short words:  They contain (two or three words) and are

The average search is more than 2000 searches per month, for example / lose weight,


The advantage of choosing such words is that you receive thousands of visitors per month from an article

One and without much effort, but it has the disadvantage that the competition is often great

You cannot reach the first result easily, especially if your site is new.

Long words : They contain more than three words and are medium

Monthly research is few, but it is targeted, for example, / ways to lose weight for women

Pregnant women, means of self-defense for women in the street

Your choice of these words is very targeted because you know what the visitor is looking for

Exactly and you can create a suitable page for him and the competition is small and you can

Get to the first page without much effort.

But you will spend a lot of effort and time to get a large number of visitors.

Imagine that you chose ten short words, each word containing a monthly search rate

500, you will write 10 articles in order to get only 5 thousand visitors per month

From search engines!

We also explained that each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to make a mixture in choosing

Words, choose some short words and some long words.

Step 2: Define the tags

In the previous step we got a large number of ideas for content

And the keywords that will be covered in our site, but what are the words

Which will we take and rely on in our site?

We will rely on the wonderful free tool that Google offers us, which is

(Keyword planner)

First we will create a Google AdWords account (for free)


Then we go to Tools >> Keyword Planner


Now you will find that the key word planner gives you 3 options to get the tags


The most important choice for us that allows you to get more semantic ideas

And knowing the monthly search rate based on the word/sentence you entered

” Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category ”

It is the most important option for us to know the number of monthly searches for keywords


Enter the set of keywords you selected in the first step in . mode

A comma between each word and word like this (configuration for search engines, email marketing

e-mail, content writing, google factors for ranking sites .. etc.)

Then select the location/language (if you don’t have a local company then select all countries and all languages)

As for the rest of the search options provided by the keyword planner, they are suitable for advertisers on AdWords

Now click on Get ideas

You will see the Avg. search monthly for keywords

that you have entered and below you will also find some suggestions that you can

use it.

For (competition, suggest bid, ad impr. share, add to plan)

It is information for advertisers on AdWords and is not related to SEO

Delete the words with poor search rate and choose the good ones

As we explained (including short words, including long words) to analyze

The competition is in the next step.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

Take one of the words you have chosen and type in the Google search engine

Naturally just like the average user so you know the pages and sites

Leaderboard on this word.

Capture the first 3 results that appear to you and analyze some things with them

Knowing the trust of the site and the trust of the page that tops the keyword

(Domain authority& page authority)

In this step, we will rely on the Open site explorer tool provided by Moz or

You can rely on the extension provided by the browser, which is  MozBar .

 This tool will help us to know the strength of the site we breathe to climb on this

The keyword is just entered by the URL.

Now I will search on Google for: bodybuilding for beginners

I’ll take one of the top results to analyze with a banana tool


We will take into account more than one information he gives me the tool

Domain authority : It is the trust of the same domain on which the site is built. as we see

For the displayed model >> 8/100 it is a poor rating and the site’s trust is low on Google.

If you are going to create a new website and you are going with a good effort in optimizing for engines

Search, God willing, you can overcome any site Domain authority >> 25

2- Page authority : It is the trust of the mentioned page. As we can see the page’s trust rating

1/100 means there is no trust for the mentioned page.

3.  Spam score:  The tool’s evaluation of the site’s spam size (more than 4/16) is an evaluation

Negative is that the site depends on spam. As for the site mentioned, its rating is 6/16

It means that he takes some black hat roads and his position is not good.

4. Established domains : are the sites that refer to it (Backlink)

root domains : means the number of domains it refers to.

total domains : the total number of pages or backlinks.

The number is supposed to be close, for example if Root domains = 5

And Total domains = 100, it means that he has 100 backlinks from 5 sites

It is better to get from each site a backlink or two so that he does not feel

Google that you agree with the site owners.

As for the mentioned site, it has 0 backlinks.

So as a general analysis of the site, we can overcome it very easily and we will include the word

(Bodybuilding for beginners) for the words that you will work on for your site.

One of the things that you will evaluate yourself is Search intent

(the visitor’s goal in the search process)

If we think a little about the person who searches for bodybuilding exercises for beginners

We knew that he was a common person who started new in bodybuilding and participated in a gym

Close to home, wants to get some exercise and a schedule to walk on

To reach his goal of sports, a healthy and athletic body in the beginning.

It is as if he asks Google and says to him: Google, I am a beginner in bodybuilding

I am scattered between the gym equipment and the captain does not have much experience and is not free

Always mine, I want a site with an expert explaining a schedule that works for me.

If we analyze the first results, we will never find that they have the answer to this question

Or an explanation of the system and a good schedule for the novice.

The beginner needs to arrange the exercises, taking into account if he is thin or if he is fat.

And the steps it takes (what starts and ends)

He will need explanations, be it GIFs, videos, and maybe some

Nutritional advice.

Do the sites that are on top of this word do not offer content with these qualities? So, you

You can beat them with better content and advance in the search engines.

Don’t think that you are doing a chore or that writing content and knowing the search intent is unimportant,

Because Google has developed a great deal of search algorithms and spiders based on them, it is

It tries well to rely on artificial intelligence to know exactly what the visitor wants.

And if you search more and read about Search intent, you will know how important it is to Google

And also for the visiting visitor for sure (: .

The last thing you will analyze on competitor sites is the performance of the site internally

There are some things that Google takes into account for the performance of your site

It improves the user experience process and this is what Google knows from the visitor’s behavior in

Your site such as: time the visitor sits inside the site, exit speed

The visitor from the site and pressing (Back), will the visitor navigate within the pages of your site?

There are a few things on your site that will help you make improvements

User experience _ _

What is the user experience when browsing the site?

Is it a good experience or a bad experience?

If the site owner uses a bad template so that the speech and images interfere with

Some of them, speech is not formatted enough or show too many ads (Pop

up) by clicking on any space on the website page.

The user will have a negative experience in completing browsing the site and may exit

Again from it, you can overcome this part of your site.

Page speed _ _

One of the very important factors because if the visitor finds your site slow and the page takes 10

Seconds, for example, often will not be very patient and will not complete the browsing process.

We will rely on the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool   provided by Google to rate our speed

and performance of your site by giving you a general indication of its performance on desktop or mobile

Enter the URL of the target site to be analyzed.

As you can see, Google gives me the green flag for my site and a rating of 87/100 on

Desktop and this is a very good rating, but 75/100 on mobile is a rating

Average and not bad.

If the evaluation gives you a red light, it means that the site speed is bad and there

Some things need to be fixed by the programmer. We have previously talked about how

Websites increase the speed and performance of optimizing their WordPress sites without having any programming skills .

3 ~ Social signals

We also made it clear that social participation is one of the necessary factors on which it depends

Google knows how much people care about your content and posts

with their friends.

We will rely on this tool to find out the number of social shares for a particular page.

All you have to do is enter the link of the target page and you will get

Report the number of social posts

Know the number of social posts

You find that this page got more than 8 thousand shares on Facebook and 34

Share on Google+ (Too big number, isn’t it!)

If you find that a competitor has received a large number of social shares

Keep in mind that you are getting more of it, or outperforming it in factors

other for your site.

4 ~ Mobile Phone Configuration

Now thousands of visitors come from your mobile phone, and if your site is not configured to appear

them well, this will be a negative factor for Google.

We will rely on this tool to find out if the competitor’s website is a friend

mobile phone or not.

The site we tested is well mobile-optimized for reading on small mobile screens without issues.

But if the competitor’s site is not mobile-friendly, this is a weakness that you can overcome.

Now we have done the wonderful series to get tags

Also Read: 6 best add-ons for taking backups of your site

 Know what the visitor wants >> Get the idea >> Know the number of researchers

>> Competitor Analysis >> Choose a word

In fact, the process is large and requires a lot of effort from you, but it is your choice

The tags are really worth the effort.

The SEO process starts with choosing keywords in a healthy way

Choosing the wrong words, then writing the content and making marketing efforts

Very large for marketing your site or improving its visibility in search engines,

I’m sorry to tell you that all this effort may be wasted…

Imagine that a visitor is searching for a specific topic with a specific word and you want to appear

Your website page that talks about something else, isn’t this misleading the visitor? Is this what

Google wants it or wants to improve the user experience in using the search engine?

We hope that you have benefited from this article to learn about the process of selecting tags

Like a pro, and if you find it useful information, we hope you will share it with your friends

Those interested in optimizing their sites for search engines.

And ask any questions for you through the comments

What is your admiration?

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