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Explanation of the Jetpack add-on to secure and protect your site and many more functions

Explanation of the Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that offers you many features such as security, backups, CDN, performance, and many more. The plugin also comes in Arabic, and it is powered by Automattic.

In this article, we will explain the steps to install and setup the extension and the basic features and features it offers.

What is a Jetpack add-on?

The extension offers you many features to improve the performance and security of your site, you will find automatic site inspection and troubleshooting tools as well as anti-spam options. You will also find options for backup and protection against brute force attacks and you will also receive notifications and alerts about what is happening on your site.

Another important thing about Jetpack is that it offers tools to help you improve your site’s performance, as you can get faster page loading through a CDN. You can also speed up your mobile site browsing and improve traffic, sales, and other features.

The additional idea of ​​Jetpack is that it brings all the features and features of WordPress.com to your site, by connecting your site to your WordPress.com account, so you will get all the features that were previously available exclusively to WordPress.com users only.

Jetpack is based on a modular system, so you can turn whatever you want on or off.

What does Jetpack add to you

  • Easy to use user interface suitable for beginners.
  • The ability to add a photo gallery and slides (Carousel).
  • Integration with WordPress.com and access to all the features inside it

Install and configure the Jetpack add-on

To install Jetpack, you have to go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to ( Plugins << Add New ) and then search for and install the plugin.

After completing the installation, you must click on Activate to activate the extension and start using it.

Get started with Jetpack

After installing the extension, an image will appear for us to start setting up the Jetpack

After that we have to link the extension to your account in WordPress.com or it can be linked to your Gmail account

After linking the account, we will be presented with a page showing the available plans with the features and price of each plan. You can choose the one that suits you best or you can scroll to the bottom, where you can start with a free trial

The free version will offer you features such as:

  • Get site statistics.
  • Site monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Protection from brute force attacks.
  • Automatic posting feature on social media platforms
  • Provide a record of the site’s activities

Jetpack Features and Features

Jetpack offers many features, after you have installed the plugin and choose the appropriate plan, you will be ready to start controlling the plugin and its settings.

Jetpack has 4 options:

  1. control Board.
  2. Settings.
  3. Backup and scan.
  4. Site Statistics 

1- control panel

Through the control panel, you can see a summary of the statistics of the site, you can also access and control all the settings, and you can also see what plan you are working on or upgrade to the plan you want, and it also displays your contact information.

You can control everything you want from one place and access all settings and turn them on or off.

2- Settings

In this tab, there are features that can be worked on and set up:

  1. Safety.
  2. the performance.
  3. writing.
  4. to share.
  5. Discuss.
  6. the traffic.

1- safety

Some of the features that you can control, to increase the security of your site:

  • Brute-force protection to prevent hackers and intruders.
  • Get notifications and alerts
  • Automatic site check for malware (need to upgrade).
  • Backup and spam filtering (need to upgrade).


Jetpack gives you the power to

  • Load photos faster.
  • Do photo optimization.
  • Accelerate and improve users’ experience on the site.

3- Writing

Here, the extension offers you many options, including:

  • Create simple contact forms.
  • Writing articles or pages in a simplified format.
  • Publishing by e-mail.
  • Proofreading
  • Add testimonials to the site.
  • Add a business gallery to your site.
  • Added improvements to templates.
  • Use the LaTeX markup language to write mathematical equations and formulas.
  • Create slide shows.

4- Share

Here, the extension offers you many options, including:

  • Share articles automatically on social networks.
  • Add share buttons to your articles and pages
  • Add like buttons to your articles and pages

5- Discussion

The options are here:

  • Allow writing comments through social media accounts
  • Allow liking comments.
  • Allow visitors to post comments.

6- Traffic

where you can:

  • Use of advertisements.
  • Use of search engine optimization tools (needs to upgrade).
  • Multiple options for how to display content.
  • Linking your site with Google Analytics needs to be upgraded.
  • Create a site map.
  • Verify site ownership.

3- Site statistics

Jetpack offers tons of stats and data that let you know what’s going on on your site.

Where you can find out:

  • Statistics by day, week and month.
  • You can find out what are the best posts and pages.
  • Know the history of search engines.
  • Learn about clicks and subscriptions.

What does Jetpack offer?

Jetpack offers some nice features that help you to beautifully configure your site in one place

1- Create contact forms

When you enable this feature, you will be able to create contact forms for your site without having to use new plugins. A button will be added to add forms when you edit.

2- Share posts automatically on social media platforms

These features provide you with the ability to connect your social media accounts and then Jetpack automatically publishes your articles on different social media platforms.

3- Related Articles

This feature enables you to be able to add related articles in your articles, without having to install a specialized plugin. It shows relevant and relevant content and articles after the posts.
You can also specify whether to show a thumbnail next to the article title

5- Integration with Google Docs

If you want and want to write on Google Docs, instead of WordPress, Jetpack provides you with a feature that makes your site integrate to work with Google Docs. Where there is an extension , you can add it on chrome browser, so you can write on Google Docs and with one click your articles will be on WordPress due to Jetpack integration

Note: The efficiency of this add-on has not been fully confirmed, and the responsibility for the performance of the add-on remains with the developer.

Jetpack Pros and Cons

The extension has a bunch of important features as well as some flaws.


  • A set of features and features in one place
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It’s powered by an Automattic backed company, which is why it’s a reliable add-on.
  • Continuous maintenance and updates.


  • Jetpack does a bunch of functions and tasks however, there are some specialized plugins that give you more options. For example (security-specific plugins like “Wordfence Security” offer bigger and more powerful features to increase the security of your site).
    Form builder plugins like Contact Form 7 offer stronger, better, and more customized features.
  • Because the plugin must be associated with your WordPress.com account, this can expose you to hacking or malware.

Does Jetpack slow down your site?
Some users said that Jetpack slows down the site because of the many features in it, when trying the site before and after using the extension and measuring the speed of the site in both cases.
In fact, this is normal, because of the functionality you get from the plugin, if you don’t want to use Jetpack, you will need to add many plugins, to do the job that Jetpack does and thus you will get similar performance for your site.

In the end, Jetpack is one of the good additions to have on your site, and it offers many important features in one place, but you should pay attention to activating only the features you want

What is your admiration?

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