Jannah Template Review For Blogs And News Sites

Jannah Template Review

Jannah’s Paradise is one of the most popular WordPress themes for creating blogs, news sites, and e-magazines.

The template has an excellent rating of 4.81 / 5

In addition to more than 16,000 purchases on ThemeForest website .


Jannah template was developed by the TieLabs team in 2018.

The team responsible for developing the Jannah theme, TieLabs, is one of the most famous developers of WordPress themes for a long time.

The Sahifa theme was their base theme and was one of the most selling templates on ThemeForest.

However, the popularity of the Sahifa template declined when better and more sophisticated alternatives such as the Newspaper template were developed .

So the developer team at TieLabs launched Jannah’s theme as an alternative to the theme competition that took Sahifa’s theme out of top selling.

According to the TieLabs team, the Jannah theme has been in development and update for almost a year!


Is Paradise Template Worth Buying?

Is it a good alternative to a theme like NewsPaper and other WordPress themes from rated magazines and blogs?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions and more together in this detailed review of Jannah’s Paradise template.


3 main reasons to choose Jannah’s Paradise Template

Jannah's Paradise Template

1- A template developed by a team with extensive experience such as TieLabs which is the team responsible for developing the best-selling news template of all time Sahifa.

2- Modern and advanced features such as full support for using and sharing GIF images, the built-in web notification feature, and others..

3- The template is fast, flexible and responsive to mobile screens and their modern features, in addition to the AMP version for a website that is faster to browse on a mobile phone.


Main Features of Jannah’s Paradise Template

Jannah template provides many features and characteristics that it is difficult to mention them all in one article.

So, we will quickly learn about the most prominent features that you will find in one of the most popular WordPress news templates for blogs and e-magazines.


Modern Blogger Template Design

paradise template

Jannah offers a new concept of WordPress themes for e-magazines and modern blogs, with a powerful design, multiple options, and integration with the most popular WordPress plugins to achieve maximum flexibility.


Flexible and responsive template

Responsive flexible template

Jannah has a fully responsive design that adapts to all modern mobile devices, and all different screen sizes.

Also with smart menu features that adapt to the user’s device to ensure the best possible experience while browsing your content.


Accelerated Mobile Version (AMP)


Fully compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) so your site is optimized for mobile devices and loads more quickly.


SEO Optimizer

The template has the features needed when it comes to SEO  with Schema data support for articles and reviews, and the display of article excerpts in search results.

The theme is also optimized with full support for the Yoast SEO and Rank Math plugins which are popular in the WordPress community, so you can configure your content to get more traffic from search engines.


Plus HTML SEO support so search engines can pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements on your site.

Plus the SEO Rich Snippet feature for add-ons like comments, ratings, and images that appear in search results.


Speed ​​and high performance

Jannah template has achieved high performance rates with many improvements that give you faster page loading speeds, and increase your site’s overall performance rates.


Load images when needed (Lazy Load)

The template comes with this feature built in without the need to use any external plugins to get faster load times for your website pages.

The images on your site load successively when the user scrolls down the page, not when the page is loaded from the beginning.

With a built-in cache to reduce database queries, it is compatible with the popular WP Super Cache plugin for WordPress.


Integration with the bbPress plugin


You can easily set up discussion forums within your site by integrating with bbPress, the most popular WordPress plugin for creating and managing social forums.

It’s a quick and easy to use plugin, you can manage everything from your site’s control panel, and plugin settings are set in very simple steps.


Multiple font options

With more than 800 Google fonts and 150 FontFace.me fonts included in the Jannah template you will surely be able to find what works for you.

There is nothing to update or install, everything is listed in the theme settings panel.


GIF file support

GIF files play an important role in the spread of viral content even more today.

With Jannah template you will be able to view files of this type easily, without having to use any external plugins.




The template gives you the necessary flexibility in designing and choosing how all parts of your site look the way you want through a powerful control panel for all the functions of the template.

You can specify the page layout (full width or inside a box) with control over the width of the sidebar, the content pane, and other design controls.


Quick transition between content parts

Navigating between parts of content

Adding highlights to your content so that users can jump to a specific point in longer content is a great way to help provide a better and more flexible user experience.


Slider menus with “Ajax Mega Menus” technology

ajax mega menu

Flexible navigation menus are essential for a large and content-packed site, as the menu should attract users to navigate the site and browse other parts.

Through the mega lists that work with Ajax technology, you can control the work of the lists within your site with a set of distinctive options that you will definitely like.


Ease of sharing content “Select and Share”

This feature allows users to choose a specific part of the content to share easily by selecting the part to share and the template will automatically display a pop-up screen containing the sharing options that you have selected.


Email marketing email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing tools at the moment, Paradise template has strong integration with many email marketing software like MailChimp, Feedburner, etc..

The template also enables you to easily get the email of your visitors in different and attractive ways.


Easily import demo content

Jannah demo content

Jannah template comes with more than 20 ready-made templates (demo) for various fields, which you can choose any of them directly with the click of a button.

All you have to do is replace the content and images with ease and customize it to suit the content of your site or your brand.


Ease of displaying ads

Show ads

Jannah template provides many options for displaying ads in an attractive way so that you can monetize your site.

Easily you can display advertising banners with affiliate links, or put Google Adsense ad codes to be displayed in the places you specify precisely.


Multiple header and footer shapes

paradise template

The template comes with several header and footer designs for you to choose from, varying in style, shape, colors, and backgrounds to make sure you get what fits your vision.


Instagram Widget

instgram widget

If you run a fashion or fashion blog or any field that relies heavily on images, then displaying part of the Instagram posts on your site will be a necessary and distinctive thing.

This is what the Jannah template offers you via a widget to easily display photos from your Instagram account in the sidebar or invoice.


Built-in page builder

Jannah theme page builder

Jannah comes with a built-in drag and drop page builder, to help you design your site without having to use any programming languages ​​at all.

All work is done from within your site’s dashboard, and you can preview your design live in real time.


Full control over template properties

Jannah theme options

Jannah template provides you with complete control over the characteristics and functions of your site through a powerful control panel that allows you to customize and modify everything so that you can configure your site easily.

The design, fonts, colors, buttons, sidebar, widgets and more are all customizable from within the control panel.


ready to translate

ready to translate

The template is ready to display content translated into several languages ​​easily, and the template itself can be translated through an inline translation panel.

Jannah template is fully compatible with the popular WordPress plugin WPML to create a multilingual website .


Video playlists

video playlist

Showing videos to users is a great way to reduce your bounce rate and keep visitors longer on your site.

Creating video playlists is very easy and is done in the backend of Jannah template.


Widget to display the weather

weather widget

A great and unique feature in Jannah template is to display the weather in the sidebar of your site or in the header through a dynamic widget, just like the one used in smart mobile phones.

Where the user can view the weather during the day or week after adjusting the geographical location.


Send web notifications

web notification

Web notifications feature allows users to interact first with updates on your site.

Jannah template gives you this wonderful feature without the need to use any add-ons or subscribe with an external service provider.


custom widgets

custom widget

Sometimes you may need to customize some widgets to suit the nature or appearance of your site, or to perform specific functions.

With Jannah template you can easily choose from 3 different types of widgets such as:

  • Social Counter Widget – Displays the number of followers on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. in more than 12 different ways.
  • Social Widgets – To encourage visitors to follow your accounts on various social media platforms.
  • Post List Widgets – Displays the most recent or most viewed content, trending articles and more..


Ecommerce with WooCommerce Plugins

Integration with woocommerce

Jannah is not just about creating blogs or news websites, the template is designed to integrate tightly with popular e-commerce plugins and all WooCommerce plugins so that you can take advantage of all the necessary e-store functionality.


Some other features of Jannah’s paradise

  • Gutenberg default editor support.
  • Animated weather widgets.
  • Snapchat and TikTok widgets.
  • The template is completely ready to display AdSense ads.
  • Sticky Navigation Menu
  • Supports creating custom categories (with custom logo, colors, and backgrounds)
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • The template supports (Ajax Live Search) feature.
  • More than 45 different background patterns.
  • Compatible with the most popular Cryptocurrency add-ons.
  • Possibility to switch between Day / Night Mode
  • +900 custom icons.
  • The ability to display Corona virus statistics directly on your site.
  • A custom add-on to easily replace your old website template with a paradise template.
  • +15 Slider to display articles or photos in different ways.
  • Sticky Videos Displays videos within a fixed popup screen.
  • BuddyPress functionality support for adding social media features.
  • Multiple article page templates.
  • Add Taqyeem to make reviews.
  • Get lifetime template updates.


Disadvantages of Jannah’s Paradise Template

 Perhaps the most prominent disadvantages of Jannah template is the multiplicity of features and functions included with the template, which may slow down your website a bit.

But you can overcome this drawback by using a good caching extension, and activating only the functions or features that you need in the template.

Also , the multiplicity of features and characteristics may be confusing at first, or too much to create a simple blog or website.

Perhaps being a paid template is one of the drawbacks for some, which increases costs , especially when starting a new site.


Jannah’s Paradise Template Price


  • The template is available for purchase from Themeforest
  • Template price: $59
  • Rating: 4.81 / 5
  • Number of purchases: 16,284
  • Technical support: Free for 6 months.



Although these features are already quite a lot, they are not even close to the full set of advantages that you get when you buy a paradise template.

In case you are creating a blog or a news site, the documentation and technical support that comes with the template will greatly help your journey.

However, you will learn all about the template, its features and how to use it while working, as Jannah template is very popular and has a really large user base.

You can launch your site in no time by using one of the ready-made templates that come with a paradise template with the click of a button.


In fact, once you start using the Jannah template, you will never want to change it because it gives you everything you need to start your dream website.

What is your admiration?

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