Increase your online store sales through 15 technical and marketing recommendations

Increase your online store sales through 15

All online store owners aim to increase the sales of their store’s products with just their own store, especially with the great boom in e-commerce in our current era, but many online stores only last a few months and are closed due to lack of good planning for the post-launch of the online store. 

If you have recently launched your online store WooCommerce, and you are wondering about the methods or procedures that you can take in order to get the first sale and then continue sales on a daily basis, then this article is for you.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide on the best recommendations to increase the sales of your online store, and in order to simplify things for you and get the most out of the article, we will divide it into two main parts, where we will talk about recommendations from a technical and technical point of view, as well as from a marketing point of view.

Technical tips to increase sales of electronic stores 

Technical matters related to the online store are among the main factors that affect the user experience inside the store, as if a visitor enters to browse the products you have, and is surprised that the store is slow to open the product pages and takes a lot of time to display the pictures and different parts, then the visitor is likely to leave without Buy it and probably won’t come back to you again. 

In the following recommendations, we present to you the most important measures that you can take from a technical point of view to improve the performance of the online store and thus increase sales by a large percentage.

1. Improving the speed of the online store for easy browsing by customers

After you finish designing the online store and launch it online, there are many challenges that you must overcome to provide a unique browsing experience for the store visitors and thus help them make a faster and easier purchase decision. 

There are many site speed test tools , through which you can put your store link just to start getting the speed test result, which shows you the most important issues that prevent your site from obtaining speed and high efficiency that helps visitors make the purchase decision easily. 

You can review the guide to improving the speed of the WordPress site that we prepared for you, as the faster the store opens in front of customers, the better their impression of the store will be, and thus the chances of adding products to the shopping cart and completing more orders within your store will increase. 

2. Displaying products in the store in an attractive and eye-catching way

The psychological factor of your online store visitors is very important, which determines whether the visitor will add products to the cart or go elsewhere to buy. 

The more organized and easy-to-browse the way products are displayed in your store, the easier the purchase decision will be for the customer. 

Beginning with the image of the product that attracts the attention of visitors to your online store and the rest of the visual elements, the more you can provide clear, pure and eye-catching images of your products, the more visitors will interact with the products and enhance the better buying experience. 

It is also a good thing to create multiple types of products inside the store if you have products of multiple shapes and sizes in order to help customers choose their favorite type easily. 

Also, the title of the product and its wool is one of the things that you should take care of, as a large percentage of the visitors to the online store do not make purchases until after looking at the description of the product, and the more accurate the description and provides all information about all the questions that are in the mind of the customer, the more The opportunity to add the product to the cart. 

3. Give customers confidence in your store

If you use WordPress to launch your online store, you benefit from the very strong layers of security and protection that WordPress provides to website owners, but there are still many security matters and procedures that you must take care of to add additional layers of protection to your store. 

The first security measure that you should check is to install an SSL certificate on the site, as this certificate helps your site appear in a secure manner and also helps protect customer data during login and in-store purchases. 

Also the password for the site administrator and other editors or members, make sure you use very strong and hard to guess passwords, for example the password (aaa3333) is very easy and easy to guess, while the word (W#%DHGh##$%23GH) is hard They are also very difficult to guess, so always use strong passwords and make sure to keep them in a safe place. 

Updating WordPress to the latest version is always an excellent security option, as updates always come to fill many of the previous security gaps that threatened former users/so take care of getting the latest version of WordPress to avoid security holes. 

One of the important security measures is also to take backup copies of the entire store on an ongoing basis, as some hosting companies provide backup copies of the sites hosted with them, or you can make a backup copy of your store yourself to ensure that you have a saved copy of the entire store in anticipation of any malfunction or hack that may cause destruction or data loss. 

4. Take good care of the payment page where the customer completes the order

The payment page (Checkout) is the last page where the customer completes the purchase process, which started from liking the product, adding it to the cart, and then going to the payment page to complete the order. On this page, you must make all things easy and direct for the customer in order to complete the purchase process without any problem.

On the payment page, you must add the appropriate payment methods for all of your customers, as providing only one payment method is not an ideal choice, so make the payment methods multiple, varied, and suitable for all of your target audience.

One of the things that help increase sales while the customer is on the payment page is not to force him to register an account in the store first before completing the order, as this causes the matter to leave visitors who do not prefer to spend more time creating a new account, so make the registration process optional during the completion of the order . 

On the payment page, try to make the total price clear to the customer, whether the price includes shipping or not including shipping. Clarify all matters related to the price that the customer will pay you. 

5. Make communication with customers easy and helpful

Visitors to the online store often need to ask more questions, but rather make a purchase decision, so having a contact or chat button inside the store will be completely helpful to your customers, which helps them build more confidence in the store. 

Learn how to activate the live chat on the site in order to communicate effectively with your customers and customers of the store, and make the communication process useful to them and help them make a purchase decision in the fastest time. 

Activating live chat in your online store is considered a competitive advantage with which you can compete with large and well-known stores, as large stores often do not provide live chat because of the very large customer base, which costs them a lot, but if your store is medium or small, activating live chat between you and your customers helps in Building a bridge of trust that you can rely on to increase store sales and win permanent customers for you. 

6. Activate customer reviews within the store

One of the things that the new customer looks at inside the store is the evaluations of previous customers, so if you get a customer who is satisfied with the product that he previously ordered and leaves a positive evaluation on the product, this helps new customers to make a purchase decision faster. 

Learn how to activate ratings in the online store and start receiving customer reviews on your products, which encourages you to pay attention to the quality of products and the efficiency of communication with customers, which ultimately contributes to acquiring more new customers based on previous customer reviews. 

7. Analyzing the data and statistics of your store visitors

The entry of a large percentage of visitors to a product page inside the store and then leaving it in a very short time means that this product page has a problem that caused visitors to exit in a short time after visiting it, and thus this information helps you to improve that page and configure it in a better way that reduces From the bounce of visitors after visiting them, and thus increasing purchases. 

You can rely on the various store statistics analysis add-ons that help you obtain complete statistics about visitors to the online store and thus work to improve all parts and pages of the store in a way that encourages purchase and order completion. 

The service ( Google Statistics ) is one of the most famous services in the field of analyzing and tracking visitor data and creating detailed reports about visitor behavior, the period of their stay on the site, the most visited pages, and the most pages that witnessed a high bounce rate of visitors, and therefore all this data is considered a guide for you to improve Your site and its pages in a way that helps increase sales and complete more orders. 

8. Make the store responsive to phones and mobile screens 

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become one of the devices through which the Internet is surfed the most, so improving a website for mobile devices is an important technical matter that helps provide a unique browsing experience for phone visitors. 

Check out the website optimization guide for mobile devices to make your site mobile visitors friendly, as the mobile browsing process should be easy, fast and helpful in a way that encourages adding products to the cart and thus increasing in-store sales. 

You can use the tools to preview the look of the store on all types of screens and devices, and thus you can know how the look of your store looks on all types of screens and devices of the store’s visitors, which makes you ready to improve the look and feel of the store on various types of screens and provide a more useful browsing experience and thus increase store sales . 

Marketing tips to increase online store sales

After configuring the store from a technical point of view, installing and setting up add-ons for security, speed, and efficiency in displaying products in front of customers, now come the marketing steps and procedures that you can take in order to encourage visitors to make more purchases inside the store. 

9. Be present regularly on social media platforms 

Customers trust more in online stores that have a good presence on social media platforms, as your commitment to a plan for publishing and interacting on social media platforms helps you build large fan bases on those platforms. 

One of the first steps to linking your business to communication sites is to allow registration on the site using a social networking account , as this procedure saves a lot of time for users who type their complete personal data to register in the store, which helps them quickly create an account, browse products, and complete more purchases within the shop. 

Another appropriate measure to build a strong social media user base is to increase your followers on communication platforms through the store itself, as you provide visitors with options to like and follow your accounts on those platforms easily, which makes it easier for them to follow you there and get notifications of the latest products and freeze the discounts that you provide to them. 

You can also use marketing add-ons through various social media platforms in order to create effective marketing campaigns across these platforms and obtain more potential customers, which contributes to a significant increase in your sales. 

10. Building a mailing list for store visitors and customers

If you haven’t started using e-mail marketing for your own store yet, then you are missing a very special source of traffic and conversions, as e-mail marketing messages are considered one of the most powerful marketing messages through which you can target your potential audience with simple steps and at an average cost. 

If you succeed in creating a mailing list containing the e-mail addresses of your customers or visitors to your site, you can create and design distinctive marketing messages and send them to them in order to motivate them to make an easier purchase decision. There are many mail marketing programs, the most famous of which is mailchimp that helps you build and target mailing lists Professional marketing messages. 

You can also work to constantly increase the visits of your online store, and you can view a guide that contains the 11 best traffic sources that you can benefit from to increase the base of visitors to your site or store. 

11. Take care of building a commercial identity for your online store 

Your goal shouldn’t just be to get some purchases and then you deliver the products to the customers and receive your money and that’s it! 

Make your business associated with your business name through several simple actions that you can do during the marketing phase, shipping products, or even after the customer receives the order. 

The process of taking care of the commercial identity begins with the text of the marketing messages in which you mention the name of your business and the advantages it provides to customers, Jonah, over the rest of the competitors. 

Also, when the customer receives the product, he must see the name of the business or even its logo attached to the product, so that the customer’s mind is associated with the name of your business, which encourages him to order again from you in the coming times without going to another place to buy from him. 

Even after the customer receives the order successfully, it will be very useful to send a message, whether an SMS or an e-mail, in which you thank the customer for completing the order from the store and wish him a happy day, and attach a list of the latest products or discounts that you provide in the store in order to encourage him to return again to do so. with more requests. 

12. Providing special offers for shipping and delivering products 

One of the important options that you must focus on to provide a unique buying experience within your online store are the shipping and delivery options, starting with the ability for the customer to track the stages of shipping the product after completing the order until the product arrives and receives it on time. 

You can set up the order tracking feature within the store for your customers, so that after completing the order, each customer can follow its status, whether it is in progress, packaging, out for shipping, or has already been delivered, and there are many WordPress plugins that help you do the matter. 

Also, one of the things that helps increase sales within the store and the return of customers again is the experience of shipping the products that they have already obtained, as the more accurate you are in the shipping and delivery dates, the more customers will trust the store and they will return again to buy and order.

13. Set up SEO options for store and product pages 

Imagine that you sell (children’s clothing), and one of the potential customers enters Google and writes the word (children’s clothing store), and your site appears in the first result in front of the customer, and he visits the store and completes the purchase order! 

Yes, you can appear in the search engines on the search words related to the quality of the products that you sell in the store, and to reach that goal, you must avoid SEO errors that may affect the appearance of your store and its products in the search results. 

The e- store SEO improvement guide helps you work on improving the SEO options and settings within the store so that your site is ready to appear in the search results related to the quality of your products, and certainly the store’s SEO settings need a lot of effort in order to prepare it with great professionalism, so the more you invest time in optimizing your store for search engines The more traffic you get from search engines, the more your sales will increase. 

One of the most important steps for setting up product SEO within your store is to write the product names in a way that expresses the product itself, and the closer the product title is to the search word that the customer uses to search on Google, the greater the chance of the product appearing in front of searchers.

Also, the product description must be fully expressive of the product and its specifications, and must answer all questions asked by customers, and you can read the comprehensive guide to SEO and WordPress to support your knowledge and skills in this specialty. 

You can also see more information about image SEO to improve the appearance of store product images in Google image search results, which is a very powerful source of traffic if you use it properly.

14. Creating similar groups of products within the store 

Customers always prefer online stores that provide them with all their needs in one place, and this does not mean that you have to create a multi-product and department store, but what is meant here is to create similar groups of the same products that you sell and create a price offer for all of them or provide free shipping on For example, to encourage the customer to buy the group in order to obtain its special offers, on the other hand, you benefit from the many products that are sold within the offers. 

For example, if you have a clothing store, instead of selling a piece (men’s pants) individually, you can create an offer consisting of (trousers + shirt + 2 socks) at an attractive price or with free shipping, whichever you prefer, and thus encourage customers to interact with these offers inside The store, which ultimately contributes to an increase in the number of sales. 

15. Launching funded advertising campaigns on social media platforms 

If your store is still at the beginning of its launch and you do not have a large customer base, you can use funded ads that can be launched and published on many social media platforms, and through which you will get large numbers of audience interested in the products within your store. 

You can choose the appropriate advertising platform for your business, for example, Facebook allows launching funded campaigns through a very powerful advertising platform through which you can target the audience with exactly the specifications you want, such as targeting only men or women only, you can also target the ages most interested in your products, You can also target an audience with various specifications and behaviors from within the Facebook Ads Manager. 

Just like Facebook, Instagram allows you to have an advertising platform built into the Facebook Ads Manager, through which you can launch your advertising and marketing campaigns in simple steps to start the journey of discovering more customers who are searching for your products. 

You can also try the famous Google ads, where through these advertising campaigns you can target customers who are searching on the Google search engine with search words related to the names of the products that you sell, and Google advertising is a suitable choice for you if there are a number of good searches on the products that you sell inside your store. 


In the end, before you think about increasing the sales of your online store, first think about providing products that are distinct from the rest of your competitors. Try to create a competitive advantage for you before you think about anything else, because marketing unique ideas is much easier than marketing routine ideas that are common to all people. 

Also, your goal as an online store owner must be very large and amount to providing a unique shopping experience for each customer so that the customer can remember the store’s name and identity after completing the purchase order. 

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