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How to properly install and activate the WordPress plugin on your site

activate the WordPress plugin

WordPress plugins are the power behind when you create a WordPress site, as plugins will offer you a lot of functionality and features without having to write a single line of code.
You can rely on an add-on to enable displaying article posts buttons, translating your site to other languages, controlling your site’s SEO, and other features.

In this article, we will explain how to properly install the WordPress plugin through more than one method, and alternative methods in case you cannot access the control panel.


How to install WordPress plugins

There are several ways in which we can install WordPress, and it is not required to use them all, but sometimes you will use a method without a method depending on the circumstances of the installation of the plugin, and this is what we will talk about

Method #1: Install the extension from within the control panel

You can install the extension from within your site’s control panel by searching for the extension, installing it, and then activating it, which is the easiest and fastest way.

To do this, you will go to the Control Panel, then go to (Additions >> Add New)

Suppose we want to install Yoast to manage the SEO tasks of the site, we will write in the search box, the name of the plugin, and in this case we will write for example (Yoast SEO)

2- Then choose the extension and click install now.
3- After installation, we click on (Activate), to activate the add-on

4- After that, a message appears (the extension has been activated), and the extension has been loaded correctly.

5-After the activation is completed, you can start setting up and controlling the extension


Method #2: Download the extension on your device and then upload it to the site

If you download the plugin on your device through the WordPress plugin store or any external source, in this case you must upload the plugin to the site and then download and set it up, through the following steps:

1- First, you must download the add-on you want to your computer

2- The extension will be downloaded as a zip file.

3- From within the WordPress dashboard, you have to go to (Add-ons >> Add New)

4- After that, you must choose (Upload Addition).

5- A window will open for us to specify the location of the add-on that we will upload (the extension will be in the form of a zip file).

6- After downloading the extension, it must be activated and then you can start using it.

Note : You should download add-ons only from trusted sources, and avoid unknown sources.

Method #3: Install add-ons through the hosting control panel

The previous two methods are the easiest and most popular and you will use them most of the time. If you are unable to access the WordPress control panel, you can use the following method that allows you to install the extension through FTP, or cPanel control panel.

The installation is done through FTP by going to the control panel and then following the following steps.

  1. Download the extension you want to your computer (where it will be in the form of a zip file).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. After decompressing, you will have to upload the new file to your site manually via FTP.
  4. You will have to open an FTP program on your device and connect to your site (you will need your username and password).
  5. After that you have to go to (wp-content >> plugins) and upload the previous file to this folder.
  6. After uploading the files, you have to go to your WordPress dashboard and go to (Plugins >> Plugins Installed), where you will find the plugin you downloaded.

Install plugins through the Cpanel control panel

Extensions can also be installed through the CPanel that you get from your web service provider, by following these steps:

1- After entering the control panel, you have to go to the file manager. Noting that the appearance of the control panel differs from one company to another 

2- After that, you have to go to the (Public_html) file, which contains all the WordPress files and folders, and then choose (wp-content) which contains the plugins and templates for your site.

3- After that we go to the plugins file

4- Then we choose (Upload) to upload the addition

5- A new page will appear in which we will place the addition to be uploaded

6- After downloading the extension, you will find it in the form of a zip file and you must decompress the file by pressing (Extract).

7- A new window will appear, you can choose the location of the compressed file

8- After decompressing, you have finished the installation process and now you will find that the extension has been installed on your site, but the extension is for this moment inactive and you need to enter the WordPress control panel for your site and activate the extension

9- To activate the plugin, from within the WordPress dashboard, you have to go to (Add-ons >> Installed Plugins), then choose the plugin and activate it


The most important add-ons used in the sites

There are a very large number of add-ons, which offer you many features and tasks, including:

1- Jetpack 

An indispensable addition to your site, it offers a lot of security and protection tools and helps you increase the performance of your site, as well as marketing, design and backup tools.

This add-on is available in Arabic, and its price starts from about ($27 to $110 a month), depending on the features you require.

Download the Jetback add-on

2- Contact form 7 

It is an important addition to your site, as it allows you to manage and create a large number of different forms for your site, from contact forms, communication, notes, and others.

Forms can also be supported with CAPTCHA and many more.

This add-on is available in Arabic.

Download Contatct Form 7

3- Monsterinsights 

One of the best add-ons to link Google Analytics to your site and thus obtain all the information, data and statistics that help you analyze your site in order to increase traffic as well as better market your site.

Download Monsterinsights

4- Wordfence Security 

It is one of the most powerful add-ons for protection and security and includes a firewall, malware scanner, and many more security tools.

Not available in Arabic.

Download Wordfence Security

5- Woocommerce 

It is the addon that offers you all solutions for e-commerce. Whether you’re launching a business, dealing with physical online retail, or developing sites for clients, you should use WooCommerce for a store that strongly mixes content and commerce.

The extension is available in Arabic

Download Woocommerce

6- w3 total cashe 

This extension improves SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times through many tools.

Download W3 Total Cache

7- Yoast Seo 

Yoast, the best SEO plugin, offers many tools that help you get your site and posts to the top of the search results.

Download Yoast Seo

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common questions

How do I find the best add-ons for the site
There are a very large number of add-ons available, you must study your site well and know its requirements in order to choose the add-ons that suit it. The plugins above are one of the most important plugins that all websites use.

Should inactive add-ons be deleted
if you absolutely do not need them, it is preferable to delete them, and if you may need them at another time, you can disable them and then activate them when needed.

How many extensions can be installed
You can install a large number of extensions on your site, but you have to download only the extensions you need and be from a reliable source so that there is no conflict between the extensions or these extensions contain malware.

Are add-ons free?
Some add-ons are completely free, some are fully paid, and there are add-ons that offer free versions and paid versions.
There is no wordpress site, you will not need to use plugins, they facilitate your work and through them you can perform many tasks and functions that help you configure and improve your site in terms of appearance and performance

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