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Publish your articles on social media automatically using IFTTT

Publish your articles on social

Most sites today have pages on social media platforms, and even shop owners rely mainly on digital platforms to promote their products, as well as owners of news sites, and they may suffer from having the time and effort to share their content on all communication platforms, especially if they have a significantly high rate of publication. daily.

Therefore, you find that the solution here is to use automated methods to automatically publish your site’s content, and there are many tools that help you do this task already, but today we choose the best method that you can rely on to automatically publish your site’s articles on popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, And in a free way, depending on the IFTTT platform, through easy steps that we explain in today’s article.

What is the importance of publishing your site’s content on social media?

When you publish your site’s content on social media platforms, you get revenue from targeted visits when you publish articles on social media platforms, due to the large audience of followers that you can reach through those platforms, and the audience of those communication interacts with popular content with comments and social shares, which helps to increase Spread your site across the Internet.

Some SEO experts also believe that Google takes into account the number of social shares and the popularity of the site among the factors of success and ranking of the article on the first page, so you will always find most writers urging the visitor to share content on their pages and social accounts. Therefore, we advise you not to lose this wide audience. This automated publishing method will undoubtedly help you with that.

Publish site pages automatically with IFTTT

We also explained that there are many WordPress tools and plugins that help you in this task, but we will use the IFTTT tool to help you share your site pages automatically, because this tool contains many tools, including the following:

  • The ability to automatically publish WordPress articles on more than 30 different social networks.
  • The publications appear that they were published manually and not automatically, and this point affects the reader.
  • Most URL shorteners support for example bit.ly and goo.gl.

If the previous points increase your interest and you want to install the IFTTT tool and link it to your WordPress site, continue explaining the site in an illustrated manner during the following paragraphs, but first of all, we will introduce the tool to you.

What is IFTTT add-on?

IFTTT is a numeric implementation based on the IF This Then That function where the add is named depending on the function as it turns out, it is a conditional function consisting of two parts:

  1. IF This is the conditional part of the first function, cause, or factor that causes the second factor.
  2. Then That is the result or the second factor produced based on the presence of the first factor.

For example, a conditional sentence such as “If you publish an article on your site, post it on Twitter”, this is explained in relation to the addition of IFTTT in two parts. Facebook, i.e. if the first factor is found, the second factor is generally executed directly.

Steps to publish your website pages on social media platforms

We also explained that through the IFTTT tool, you can do an unlimited number of commands as well as use it to post on the communication platforms, and we will take an example of posting on one of those platforms, which is the Facebook platform.

At first, head to the IFTTT website, then click on the Connect button in order to connect the IFTTT website to the WordPress site

After that, you will be asked to register a new account on the site and you can register an account with an Apple or Google account or register with Facebook, but we advise you to register with an email and password separately from your other accounts because it is more secure, and therefore you click on Sign up at the bottom of the previous options. 

You will be asked to enter an email and a password, it will not ask you to activate the email and there are no special requirements for the password, you can select the Get Updates for products available on IFTTT option to activate if you want to know new products and the latest news about IFTTT as messages on your email.

After that, you will be transferred to the WordPress information page to type your WordPress site address in the Blog Url field and type your site link in the form of “site.com” without any additions, then type the username in the Username field, and the password in the Password field.

Then you type the username of the writer whose article you want to publish on Facebook, and if you want to publish all the site’s articles, you type the username of a site administrator or supervisor and certainly his password.

Then we go to Explore and type in the search box the service you need, for example, you search for (Facebook) to show you all the services related to Facebook as follows:

For example, there are several services that you can use as follows:

  1. Post your Instagram photos to a Facebook Page service to post Instagram photos directly to the Facebook page.
  2. Automatically share new posts to a Facebook page service to publish WordPress articles on Facebook.
  3. Auto post from Facebook Page to Twitter service to publish Facebook page posts directly to your Twitter account.

And you can write any other service you need, for example Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or others, and in this example we aim to explain the automatic publishing of WordPress articles on WordPress, so we will choose Automatically share new posts to a Facebook page.

You will now be asked to link your Facebook account to the site by clicking on Connect , making sure that you are logged into Facebook previously on the same computer that you are using, or you will be asked after that to type your username and password for your Facebook account.

You will be transferred to your Facebook account, and a pop-up screen will appear asking you to give permission to IFTTT to get your profile name and photo, then click on Continue with your Facebook account name.

It will then show you all the pages you own, and ask you to select the pages you want IFTTT to auto-post on, and then click Next.

You will see a list of some permissions that the IFTTT tool needs , to allow the tool all the permissions to run in full efficiency, but if you see an unnecessary permission, close it immediately, as the permission “Manage accounts, ads and webhooks for a page” is not necessary for the functionality of the tool, then press Done to be done Fully link your Facebook account to IFTTT.

You will be redirected to the IFTTT settings page to add a message before the article when you automatically publish WordPress articles on Facebook, for example, the latest WordPress articles in Arabic, and then press Save until WordPress is fully linked to Facebook.

You can try the tool to make sure of its efficiency by uploading a new article on the site and you will find that the IFTTT tool has published the article directly on your Facebook page, and this explanation was on the Facebook platform only, but you can apply the same steps with all other social media platforms.

IFTTT Tool Price

IFTTT is available in two versions, one of them is free and the other is paid. For the free version, it allows you to create 3 different commands, for example, link your WordPress site with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you can rely on it to publish an unlimited number of articles on them.

As for the paid version, it allows you to do an unlimited number of commands, and it also allows you to have some advanced options in publishing, such as postponing publication, scheduling articles, and providing you with customer service to help you solve any technical problem with the tool, and the cost of the free version is 3.99 per month and when subscribing to The annual plan costs only $3.33 per month.

In this way, we have come to the end of today’s article after we have provided you with an explanation of the IFTTT tool and the method of registering and linking your WordPress site on social media platforms, but if you encounter problems while using the IFTTT tool to automatically publish WordPress articles or in any of the other commands, do not hesitate to contact us directly or Comment below the article.

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