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Explanation of adding Google Site Kit to integrate Google services into your site

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The Google site kit is an important addition that acts as an intermediary between you and the services provided by Google. This free add-on was launched in 2019 by Google, as this add-on integrates Google services into your site, such as (Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adsense ads, and others).

What is the Google site kit add-on?

It is the extension that integrates Google services and tools on your site, as you will be able to access this information and data from one place, from within your WordPress control panel.

1- Google Analytics – Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with all the data, information, and statistics about your site so that you can learn how to improve your site’s performance. It will tell you the number of visitors to your site, where they come from, what are the most important pages, and many more.

All you have to do is log into the WordPress control panel of your site, enter the site kit settings, link your Google Analytics account to the site, and get access to all the previous information through the site kit control panel.
The presentation provided by the extension is very suitable for beginners, apart from the many information found in Google Analytics 

2- Webmaster Tools – Search Console

Google Search Console helps you , keep track of your site, keep track of your site’s archiving, what errors you have and also keep track of keywords on your site and more.

By connecting Google Search Console, as a service in the Site Kit extension, you will be able to easily access historical information as well as submit sitemaps and more information that helps you improve your site results all in one place from within your WordPress dashboard.

3- Google Adsense – Google Adsense

When you connect AdSense to your site through the Site Kit, this means that you do not need to navigate between the WordPress dashboards and the AdSense dashboard to manage your account and monitor your earnings.

With this link you will control what you want in one place, and all the AdSense tools will remain the same as you used to use them.

4- Performance Improvement – PageSpeed ​​Insights

PageSpeed ​​helps you analyze your site’s performance, improve its speed, detect errors and problems, and check your site’s load speed on various devices.

When you connect this service to your site through Site Kit, you will get with one click a comprehensive overview of your site’s speed rating.

5- Tag Manager

Through this service, you can manage, publish and control the marketing tags on your site, and it provides many features and tools that help you improve the performance of your site.

In general, tags are snippets of code that you can place on your site, in order to increase and improve the data collection mechanism on your site. When you activate this service through Site Kit, you will be able to access and control this data from within the Site Kit settings, easily and from one place

6- Google Optimize

It is an A/B testing tool that improves your site’s conversions by allowing you to run experiments. After you have linked this service through the Google site kit.
You will be able to choose or create different variables and conditions to test different aspects of your site. Optimize will also be linked to your Google Analytics account via Site Kit, this will enable you to see how all your pages are performing in one place

Google site kit, will integrate these tools and display them on your site, so that you can see and control them from one place only.

Who needs a Google site kit?

The Google site kit is suitable for site owners, companies or developers, and in general for those who are looking for access to information and data in order to quickly understand, analyze and improve sites from within the WordPress dashboard.

How to install and configure Google site kit?

1- To install and install the Google site kit add-on, you have to go to the WordPress control panel for your site and then go to ( Plugins << Add New ) and then type the name of the add-on in the search box, and then click on “ Install Now ”

2- After installing the extension, we will activate it by clicking on Activate ,

3- After that, a new window will open for us, through which we begin to configure the extension by pressing (Start Setup)

4- The next step is to log in through the Gmail account linked to Google services, where the site kit will ask you to confirm permission to access your account in order to access Google Analytics data, webmaster tools and site management

5- After that, the add-on control panel will open for you, where you can start configuring the add-on and connect to multiple Google services to appear on your site

site kit settings :

Within the site kit control panel, there are a set of options that give you full control over all the options:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Webmaster Tools – Search Console
  3. Statistics – Analytics
  4. Settings

1- Dashboard

Shows you an overview of what is happening on your site, showing you the statistics for each of the services that you have activated, as well as you can control the services from the control panel

2- Webmaster Tools – Search Console

By connecting this service through Site Kit, you will be able to view and track your location, archive your location, submit a sitemap and more from here. Without the need to exit your site control panel.

3- Statistics – Analytics

With Site Kit, you will be able to connect your site with Google Analytics to get all the information and data that will help you improve and track your site’s performance.

4- Settings

Where you can control the services that you have connected to and link them to your site, as well as make contact and find more services

Pros and Cons of Google site kit

The Google site kit contains a set of features and benefits for the owners of the sites that we are reviewing for you to make the most of the extension, as well as some negatives that we will tell you about so that you do not dispense with some other tools.


1- View reports and data

When you link Google Analytics with the Google Site Kit, you will get all the data and information about the visits that come to your site.

for example:

  • Find out who visited your site through search engines
  • Know the visitors who came to your site through referrals.
  • Visitors who access your site by URL.
  • Visitors by e-mail.

2- deep search

In this research, data and information from (Google Analytics and Search Console) are combined to provide a report that enables you to know the impressions, clicks, the number of unique visitors that your site obtained during a certain period, and others.

3- Measuring the spread of the site

This report provides you with the most important queries related to your site, so that you can know the most important keywords that are frequently searched on your site, as well as the most important pages that receive visits and others

4- speed measurement

By integrating with PageSpeed ​​Insights, you will be able to improve your site’s loading speeds. Where you can see the speed and performance of your site on desktop and mobile

5- Google Adsense ads

Also one of the distinguished reports offered by Google Site Kit is the Google AdSense report. It shows you an overview of your site’s overall Google AdSense performance.

If you want to display Google Adsense ads on your site, you will undoubtedly need this report, as it shows you the amount of earnings per day, yesterday, month, number of ad impressions, earnings per thousand views, and others.


1- Not enough data

Site Kit gives you brief data and information about your site’s performance and doesn’t show everything in detail, but it’s still good for starters.

2- GDPR compliance

When using the Site Kit, you need to certify to comply with the rules. It is a privacy and data protection law for users in Europe or you can use (VPN), to bypass this point.

3- Not useful for e-commerce

If you have an e-commerce store or you have multiple forms (contact form, order forms, etc.) on your site, the Google Site Kit will not do well. It will not provide any integration of items and products on your site. For example, you won’t see revenue or average order size for your online store, and you won’t even be able to see what are the hottest products on your store.

Also, there are some features in Google Analytics such as (Traffic value, events, sales) and others, you will not be able to access them when you are working on a store and you need to go to your Google Analytics account to view and know them.

In the end, if you are just starting out and have a new site, the Google site kit is one of the extensions you need to access all the information you need to quickly improve and strengthen the performance of your 

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