Get free WordPress hosting, its best providers, and its most prominent disadvantages

free WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is suitable for some cases that require web hosting, and this hosting can sometimes be the best option if you get it from reliable hosting service providers, but it is not appropriate in many other cases, as it may prevent the use of free hosting for your project Without achieving success in it, it can cause you material losses.

To ensure that this does not happen, we will explain to you here the free WordPress hosting, and we will introduce you to the best reliable web hosting service providers through which you can get suitable hosting for WordPress for free, and we will also take a close look at the disadvantages of this hosting, and the cases in which it is appropriate to use it.

What is free WordPress hosting?

Free WordPress hosting is a web hosting dedicated to creating a website on it through the WordPress content management system, which can be obtained without paying any money and for an indefinite or long period, that is, the hosting plan will not be free for only a few days, and then after that the provider will ask you to pay money to get it longer.

The free WordPress hosting plans offered by hosting companies differ in terms of the resources included in the plan, as well as in terms of the advantages provided by the hosting company, as well as in terms of restrictions, as some hostings are highly restricted, while other hostings are less restrictive, and some hostings are It has a large number of advantages, while few advantages are offered with other hosting.

Any free hosting is not considered WordPress hosting, as although WordPress can be installed and a site can be created using it on almost all free hosting, WordPress hosting plans are more suitable for installing and using WordPress on it, and WordPress can even be pre-installed on the hosting when you register The company has to get it.

Best free wordpress hosting providers

In fact, there are a large number of web hosting service providers that provide free hosting suitable for creating a professional WordPress website, but only a few of them provide usable hosting service, as free hosting plans in general are usually not good in all respects.

However, there are a group of companies that provide free WordPress hosting suitable for use in cases where free plugins can be used, and here we will highlight the top 3 hosting companies that provide the best free plans suitable for WordPress on the Internet.

WordPress.com platform

Beginners usually get confused between the WordPress.com platform and the WordPress content management system that can be obtained from the official website of the program ( WordPress.org ), and this is due to the fact that the WordPress.com platform provides good free WordPress hosting that works Powered by WordPress has contributed to its popularity.

The platform not only provides free hosting, but also a free sub-domain name, where it is possible to register on the platform and start creating a free WordPress site directly without the need to purchase anything from outside it, but WordPress.com does not provide perfect hosting, but rather suffers from many disadvantages as well. .


Advantages of free WordPress.com hosting

However, in addition to being permanently free, free WordPress.com hosting has many advantages that make many people prefer it over other free hosting, most notably:

Easy to setup and use

The ease of setting up and using a website on free WordPress hosting provided by WordPress.com is one of the best features of hosting, especially for beginners who are looking for an easy way to create a WordPress website online.

In fact, the WordPress.com-based way to create a website on the Internet is one of the easiest ways to perform this task, as it only requires registering with the platform, entering the site details, and then creating it is that simple. Also, because WordPress is used to manage the site in hosting, it is very easy to add content and perform various other management tasks.

Website creation speed

The hosting provided by WordPress.com is characterized by the fact that a free website can be created on it within a few minutes, as it is also one of the fastest ways to do so, as we mentioned previously, you only have to register on the platform, then enter the site details to create it.

In order to learn how to create a WordPress site based on the free hosting provided by WordPress.com, you can view the article ( Explaining the creation of a free WordPress site in a few minutes ), in which we explained in detail how to create a WordPress site through the WordPress.com platform for free.

Easily upgradeable

Since the free hosting provided by this platform is very limited in terms of resources and technical features, the vast majority of users who get it will, at some later stage, want to remove technical limitations and upgrade server resources. Fortunately, WordPress.com offers the ability to do this very easily without any hiccups.

It should be noted that the free plan offered by WordPress.com was better in the past, as it included some technical features, but recently the company made drastic changes to the hosting plans it offers, as it reduced its number from 5 plans to only two plans, one free and one paid. This came with the addition of more restrictions to the free plan.

Features of the free WordPress hosting plan and the paid WordPress hosting plan offered by WordPress.com

Disadvantages of free WordPress.com hosting

The free WordPress hosting provided by the WordPress.com platform suffers from many disadvantages, and their number has increased with the platform changing the features of the plans recently, and these defects include, but are not limited to:

  • Very low storage space of 1GB, which is roughly the size of just 200 high-quality photos.
  • It is not possible to install WordPress plugins, and this takes away from the system the best feature that makes it a powerful program.
  • The company displays ads on websites that are built on free WordPress hosting, which is annoying.
  • It does include premium expert help and support.
  • Only one administrator can manage the site.
  • Payments cannot be received regardless of the reason.
  • It does not support the ability to earn from ads.

Hosting also suffers from many other disadvantages, and it does not include any of the technical advantages that the professional plan includes, such as automatic backups, social networking tools, and premium templates, and it is not, in most cases, an appropriate option for creating a successful professional site.

AWS hosting for WordPress

AWS is an acronym for Amazon Web Services, and it is an Amazon platform that offers a set of cloud computing services, in simple words it is a platform that enables you to rent computers and use them to do anything you want, including hosting a website Web and its management based on WordPress.

Among the most prominent services provided by the AWS cloud computing platform is Amazon EC2 (Virtual Servers in the Cloud), a computing service that provides the ability to create virtual cloud servers that can be resized to fit almost any project on the Internet, and through which it is possible to create a WordPress site for free by subscribing to The free plan provided by the platform is for 12 months.

AWS offers several free plans including 12-month hosting plans
AWS offers several free plans including 12-month hosting plans

It is worth noting that AWS can be set up to host a WordPress site, but the platform itself does not provide hosting for WordPress like other platforms, and therefore a set of unusual steps must be implemented in regular hosting plans for the setup process to take place, and the AWS platform provides a good set of articles and explanations About how to use the services it provides for various purposes, and you can browse it by clicking on the following phrase ( AWS Cloud Computing Services ).

Advantages of Free AWS Hosting

Free AWS hosting that can be set up to create a WordPress site has several advantages that make it one of the most powerful free hosting out there, including:

  • Full control over the server, and this enables you to set up the server exactly as it suits the WordPress site that you want to create.
  • Access to many technologies, allowing you to innovate and create faster and more effectively.
  • Very high uptime, AWS guarantees that a website hosted on it will be up and running more than 99.99% of the time.
  • AWS hosting is very fast, and this will improve your site’s ranking in search results, since loading speed is a ranking factor.
  • The ability to upgrade to a paid hosting plan with great ease, and in the event of an upgrade, you will only pay for the resources you consume, which will save you money.

Disadvantages of AWS Free Hosting

Unfortunately, the free Amazon EC2 (AWS Hosting) service has some drawbacks. Disadvantages of hosting a WordPress website on the company’s free Amazon EC2 hosting plan include:

  • The company does not provide the service for free permanently, but only for a period of 12 months, so after a year has passed since you created your site on AWS, you will have to close it or pay to continue its work.
  • While it is easy to create a WordPress site if you follow the instructions and directions correctly, doing it on the platform is more difficult than creating a site through WordPress.com.
  • There are not many Arabic explanations that explain how to use the Amazon EC2 service, but the company is working on providing more explanations about the service continuously on its site.

There can also be some other disadvantages of hosting, but these defects will not prevent you from creating a free WordPress site based on it, as the advantages of hosting far outweigh its disadvantages, and the best evidence of this is the use of the company’s paid plans by popular platforms such as Netflix and Adobe.

Free wordpress hosting on oracle

Oracle is a huge information technology company that provides many technical products and services, including cloud computing services (similar to AWS services), within which it offers a free plan called Oracle Cloud Free Tier that includes two sets of services:

  • Always free cloud services that can be used as a permanent free web hosting service, and create a permanently free wordpress website on it.
  • A 30-day free trial , and includes a $300 credit that can be spent on many of the company’s computing services.

The company has clarified on the free plan page all the details of the services and resources that can be used for free permanently, and the services and resources that the free balance can be spent on, and we point out that it is necessary that your consumption of resources does not exceed what is determined by the free plan so that you are not required to pay money.

The permanent free hosting provided by Oracle within this plan is better than the free Amazon EC2 plan provided by AWS, as it exceeds it in terms of time, as we mentioned earlier that AWS provides the service for free for only 12 months. Oracle also beats AWS and all other cloud computing providers in terms of free plan resources.

Under the perpetual free plan, Oracle provides 2 VMs of 1 GB each with a maximum of 10 TB traffic per month, 2 block volumes of 100 GB each, and 10 GB of object storage, which are enough resources to run A regular WordPress site has moderate traffic.

With regard to the advantages of hosting a WordPress site on Oracle, they are similar to the advantages of AWS, as the company provides high loading speed and guarantees high uptime. The disadvantages of Oracle hosting are similar to AWS hosting for WordPress, as it is difficult for beginners to create a site through it without following specific directions, and there are not many Arabic explanations available on how to use and manage hosting.

Disadvantages of free hosting plans

Free hosting plans of all kinds and providers have a great advantage, which is getting a server to host the website for free, thus saving some money and keeping the cost of creating a website within the specified budget.

But free hosting plans in general, including free WordPress hosting plans, suffer from many disadvantages that can prevent success in achieving the goal of creating a website.

Disadvantages of free hosting plans include but are not limited to (not all of these disadvantages apply to all plans):

  • The hosting company that provides free hosting plans usually displays advertisements on websites hosted on their free plans, and the website owner does not make any profit from these advertisements.
  • The customer service that web hosting providers provide to free plan subscribers is limited, and of course the support team prefers a paying customer over a free plan customer, which means that you often won’t get fast and good support when you need it.
  • A master domain name is not provided for free with the free hosting plans, but rather your site’s domain name will be a subdomain name of the hosting company’s main domain name that provides the free plan.
  • The technical features that hosting companies include in their free plans are usually very limited, and the hosting server resources are also limited, as the storage space and the upper limit of the bandwidth size are very low.
  • Websites that are hosted on free hosting do not get a high ranking in the search results most of the time, as the search results need many requirements that most free hosting plans do not provide, including high download speed and high security.

Also, if you get a free WordPress hosting plan from an unreliable hosting provider, you will face many important problems in performance and reliability, as your site will crash often and for long times, and its page load times will often increase, which will make you lose the vast majority of visits.

You can also face security issues, as it may be easy for hackers to hack your site and steal its data, and the unreliable hosting service provider itself may steal the site’s data, and this can cause you more problems that can cause you more material losses than the cost. Paid hosting.

We have shed more light on the disadvantages of creating a free website based on free hosting and a free domain name in the article ( 17 reasons why you should not create a free website and the disadvantages that companies hide from you ), where you can read the article and learn about the disadvantages and problems that can expose you to it.

When can free hosting be used?

As a result of the disadvantages of free hosting plans, including free WordPress hosting, they are often not suitable for creating and running a professional website, but are only suitable for experimentation, testing, and learning.

If you want to try out a plugin, template, or code, or if you want to learn how to build a website or its management environment, then free hosting would be an ideal option in this case.

However, there may be free hosting plans on which a light WordPress site can run for free, such as permanent free Oracle hosting on which a regular website can run without problems.

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Frequently asked questions about free WordPress hosting

What are the advantages of free WordPress hosting?

Free WordPress hosting is superior to paid WordPress hosting in only one thing, which is to enable the user to save some money and reduce the budget of the project he wants to create, otherwise, paid WordPress hosting plans, including very cheap plans, are better than free plans.

What type of free hosting is best for WordPress?

The WordPress content management system works on various types of hosting, including shared , VPS , dedicated , and cloud , with high efficiency as far as hosting resources allow, but many hosting companies provide enhanced hosting for this particular system due to its great popularity, and this hosting is called ( hosting WordPress). WordPress hosting is the best for WordPress in terms of technical features, while cloud hosting is the best in terms of performance, as it is able to provide high uptimes and fast loading speeds. Therefore, the free hosting plans provided by Oracle and AWS are better for the performance of the WordPress site than the plans of other hosting providers that provide free WordPress hosting.

Can I use free WordPress hosting for my website permanently?

Not recommended. Free WordPress hosting is usually not a good option for hosting a site whose owner aspires to succeed in it from the beginning, let alone with continued use after the site grows and obtaining more visits that require high resources that only paid hosting provides!

Does free WordPress hosting affect website ranking in search results?

Yes, free WordPress hosting has a negative impact on the site’s ranking in the search results, especially hosting provided by an unreliable hosting service provider, due to the fact that the defects of this hosting make the user experience bad.

Can a paid or free master domain be linked to a free WordPress hosting?

It depends on the hosting service provider and the advantages it provides, but usually the user can create a WordPress site on free hosting, and link the hosting with his own domain name so that when that domain name is entered in the browser, the visitor is taken to the website hosted on the hosting Freebies.

Is it possible to build an online store through WooCommerce on free WordPress hosting?

This is usually possible, but it is never recommended to do so for a purpose other than experiment and learning, as this hosting does not provide appropriate resources and features to run an online store on it with high professionalism and in a way that ensures that visitors and customers are satisfied with browsing and using it, so use paid hosting if you want to create an online store on the Internet.

And here, dear reader, we have finished introducing you to free WordPress hosting, the best free hosting providers suitable for creating a WordPress site on it, and the disadvantages of free WordPress hosting that make it inappropriate to use it to create a professional website most of the time, and answering common questions on the subject.

Finally, we point out once again that although free WordPress hosting is not suitable for use in order to create a website, it is an ideal option for experimenting and learning, and this is in fact a great feature that all beginners need in order to master the use of WordPress to create and manage a successful website.

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