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How to download and install WordPress on your hosting

download and install WordPress

In this article, we will talk about how to download WordPress from the official website, as well as show you two ways to install WordPress on your hosting.

Method 1: Manually install WordPress via FTP.
Method 2: Self-install WordPress through the hosting control panel. (It is the fastest and easiest way to install WordPress) 

Download WordPress from the official website 

At first, you will need to download WordPress from the official website: You can easily go to the WordPress download page and download a zip file.

After downloading WordPress, decompress the file as shown in the image: 

downloading WordPress

Then, you need to install the WordPress files on your hosting site using manual methods, through the file manager. or through FTP. We will review together the two methods, and then we will show you how to install WordPress after the completion of uploading the WordPress file to the hosting.

Then let’s start with the first method, which is to install WordPress manually

Method 1: Manually install WordPress through File Manager

To install WordPress through the file manager, follow these steps, and please note that the steps are fixed by most hosting providers:-

1- Through the cPanel hosting control panel, choose file manager or file manager, as in the picture.

2 – After clicking on the file manager, a page will appear showing the file explorer, as shown in the following image:

3 – Go to the folder (Public_html)

4 – Upload a file as shown in the following image.

5 – Choose the zip WordPress file you downloaded in the previous step.

6- After uploading the file, go back to the file manager and go to the file, then right click on the file and choose extract as shown in the pictures.

You can also upload the WordPress file by FTP method as shown below, (You can skip the FTP method if you have already uploaded the file through the file manager and continue to complete the WordPress installation)

Method 2: Manually install WordPress through FTP

Requirements for installing WordPress manually through FTP:-

 1. A file transfer program (FTP) such as FileZilla, click here to download it

2. How do I get the login information for the server through FTP? It is sent to you on the email you registered with the hosting, and in case you cannot reach this email; You can create a new FTP account through the hosting control panel.

Steps to install WordPress manually through FTP:

1- Go to the hosting control panel, then choose FTP Accounts as shown in the image. 

2- Enter the required data, then click on create an account, as shown in the picture:-

 After creating the account, you will receive a message informing you that the account has been created successfully.

The next step is to connect to the server through the FTP account data that was created in the previous step.

After the successful creation of the account, you will find at the bottom of the page the word (Configure FTP Account), click on it to get the connection data; As it is shown in the picture: 

3 – Open FileZilla and make the connection; Transferring data – copying and pasting – through hosting, as shown in the previous image.

After successfully connecting; You can upload WordPress by right-clicking on the files that you have decompressed as shown in the following image, and then clicking on Upload (this step is from within the FileZilla program and not from Windows itself)

The next step: is to visit your site link through any internet browser and then choose the language of the new WordPress site. 

Once you get to the installation page, you will get a message saying that there is no configuration file. No problem, you did nothing wrong, only the warning message is displayed because there is not already a config file for the platform and it is normal to be displayed considering the fact that this is a new installation and has not yet completed, a database for the site must be created and linked to WordPress.

Create a MySQL database

The WordPress system is built on the programming language PHP and the databases MySQL; To create a database, you must access your hosting control panel, and follow the steps below to create a database.

After clicking on MySQL Database Wizard 

1 – Type the name of the database (preferably a name that indicates the name of the site and not a strange name)

2 – The user name is the database controller and its password (please save this data).

3 – Connecting the user and giving the authority to control the database.

Now go to your site link and then press (Let’s go) or go. 

Enter the information we created in the previous database: – Copy and paste the data. 

Once you have entered all the required information, please press the “Submit” button to proceed with the installation process. 

The next step is to install WordPress and connect it to the database.

– As you can see, the next step is to inform you that the data you entered related to your database is correct, and the installation process continues, and please press the complete button as shown in the following image.

Create a new WordPress admin account.

  • Website Address : The address of your website on WordPress.
  • Username : The username to log into the WordPress dashboard.
  • Password : The password used to log into the WordPress dashboard. Note that you must enter the password twice for verification purpose.
  • Your Email : The email account the system uses to send you reports and other settings.
  • Visibility of search engines : If you choose this option, you are telling search engines not to include your site in their archive (leave it as is).

Then click on install WordPress.

You will now be taken to the WordPress dashboard login page.

Log in to WordPress:

Type the email (or username) you created in the previous step, and the password.

You have now manually installed WordPress on your hosting.

Method 2: Self-install WordPress through a one-click installation service.

Most hosting companies now offer one-click setup; It saves a lot of time and effort, and is also easy for anyone.

One of the biggest advantages of one-click installation is that everything is done in a self-contained way.. from sending Wordpress files to the hosting; It will install and connect the database automatically, and the one-click installation method is the fastest and easiest way to install WordPress, and you can share with us in the comments about any problem or difficulty you may have encountered.

1- Go to your hosting control panel and select (Install with a click) as shown in the image.

A page will open with other management systems such as: Joomla and you will find WordPress in the first list.

2- Click on WordPress and the next page will open as shown in the image.

From the previous image, click on “Install now”

Another page will open as shown in the image below, and it will ask you for location data in order to install correctly.

1. Choose the domain and choose the form of the website link. Will it have https or not?!

2. Choose a subfolder in case you want to install WordPress in a sub-link to the site.

3. Leave this field blank if you want to install WordPress on the main domain.

4. Type the name of the site, description of the site…

5. In the next step, type the username for the site administrator, your password and your email to log in to the control panel.

6. Choose the language of the new WordPress site.

7. During the installation of WordPress some plugins are provided automatically which saves you time later, mark the plugins you want to install if you want 

At the bottom of the page, you will be asked for an email to send the installation data to him (optional).

8. After entering and verifying all the data, click on Install now. By now you must have realized why one-click setup is the easiest and fastest option to install WordPress?

Congratulations now! I installed WordPress on the domain that I chose in the settings.

Prepared and edited by / Ahmed Abdel Fattah

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