How To Convert A Wordpress Website Into A Mobile App By Yourself

Convert A Wordpress

Do you want to convert your WordPress website into a mobile application on your own without the need to hire a programmer?

Then you are in the right place..

The mobile app industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

It is growing at a very fast rate, and is estimated to reach $143 billion with 267 billion app downloads in the next two years.

Statistics show that mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and only 14% on websites.

In today’s topic, we will help you create a mobile application for your website yourself without any technical complications.

WebView templates and app builder plugins are an easy and convenient way to turn any WordPress site into a mobile app.

It’s ideal for non-technical people – no app development or programming experience is required in general.


These templates and plugins turn your website into a complete mobile app that can be used on all mobile devices, and even publish the app on Google Play as well.

Any changes or updates you make to your site will be immediately reflected within the application.


Now we will take a quick look at the best WordPress plugins and WebView themes for creating apps on CodeCanyon.


WordPress plugins for creating mobile apps

You can use one of these plugins to help you turn your WordPress website into a mobile app easily and without any technical expertise.

Let’s now have a look at some of the best CodeCanyon bestselling web app creation plugins.



1- WappPress App Builder


WappPress – A unique plugin that turns your WordPress website into an Android Mobile app.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating mobile apps at the moment at an affordable cost, and you don’t need any technical skills to use it.

With Wapppress you can create an Android app by yourself without any technical skills or having to hire a programmer.

The extension is very simple and easy to use, as an Android application for your website is instantly created with the click of a button.


You can also customize the application easily using the extension’s features, where you can select the template you want for the application, and you can define a custom home page.


No programming knowledge is required, and any non-technical person can easily create a mobile app with the Wapppress extension.

You can also publish the created application on the Google Play Store.




2- Lekima React Native App


Lekima is a new WordPress plugin to help you turn your WordPress website into a mobile app.

The extension enables you to turn any WooCommerce e-commerce site into a hybrid Android and iOS app.


The Lekima extension allows you to easily create a mobile app with a drag and drop feature, with 3 different homepage designs to choose from.

It also provides you with a number of payment gateways, the ability to send push notifications, the ability to log in through social media platforms, add product display pages, payment pages and more…


It also enables you to display advertising banners easily, with discount coupons and different shipping and payment methods within the application, and also display categories and product descriptions.

It also supports RTL languages, including Arabic.




3- Flink: WordPress App Builder


The Flink WordPress plugin allows you to easily create an integrated Android app from your WordPress website or blog.

The app is created automatically, and the APK file is generated and emailed to you.


The application will work seamlessly with many of the default WordPress features, such as posts, pages, categories, tags, article archives, audio and video clips, and user data.


Since the app is connected to your site via the WordPress API.. Any content you update on your site is instantly added within the app.


You can send instant notifications via Firebase.. Users of the application can also add content to the “Favorites List” and return to it later.

The extension also enables you to lock your content, and not access it except through a “password” that you specify.

Also, users can use the app in different languages ​​by switching to their preferred language on the settings page.

The extension also supports RTL and Arabic languages.

You can monetize your app with AdMob ads.




4- Android App Builder

android app builder

Another WordPress plugin that converts your website into a Native Android app easily from your PC!


This software creates Native apps for Android without the need for any technical or programming knowledge.

An ideal tool for both Android app developers and people who don’t have any programming skills.


Android App Builder creates new classes, activities, icons, everything and you don’t even need to open Android Studio!

In addition, you can create a complete project ready to run, or test a new application on an emulator or a real device.

You can also create an APK or App Bundle file that is ready to be published on the Play Store.


You only need to install the extension once, then build and compile the project on your computer.

This way you don’t have to share your secret codes or passwords with anyone.

It all starts and ends on your computer.




Free WordPress Plugins to Create Mobile Apps

If you are on a tight budget, the following plugins are free and will also help you convert your WordPress site into a mobile app easily.


1- AppMySite


app my site

AppMySite allows you to convert your WordPress site or WooCommerce store into an Android and iOS mobile app.

You can easily create Native applications that offer your customers a unique user experience.

Additionally, you can publish your app on the App Store or Google Play Store after upgrading to a paid plan .


You can start using AppMySite for free.. but if you want to show your own branding, you will have to pay a monthly fee (about $9 at the time of writing this article)




2- Super Progressive Web Apps

Super Progressive Web Apps is an open source software that turns a WordPress site into an advanced web application.

Advanced web applications require your site to be secure – that is, it must be HTTPS.


Users can access your site by launching the application from the mobile home screen, and they can interact with your site through an application-like interface.

Your visitors will experience almost instant load times and enjoy the great performance benefits of advanced web applications.




3- Progressive WordPress (PWA)

Progressive wpa

Progressive WordPress is a free WordPress plugin for creating a web application.

This helps encourage users to add your website to their mobile or desktop home screen.


But that’s not all, Progressive WordPress also lets you control the way your site is rendered so that it displays without any browsing elements, just like any Native app.


No internet connection? no problem ..

Progressive WordPress caches all the important assets of your website, as well as all the pages visited.

So if there is no internet connection, it will display the content through the local storage of the user’s browser (Local Storage).




Convert any website into a mobile app

All of these options are ideal for turning a WordPress site into a mobile app, but you can also easily convert any other type of website into a mobile app.

For a one-time payment, you can get one of the “ WebView ” app templates and turn your website into a mobile app.


If you already have a website and want to optimize it for mobile users, consider converting it to a WebView app.

Web applications are basically web pages that can be read on mobile devices, and can be accessed through mobile browsers, without having to install anything on the phone.


To give a website the look and feel of a mobile app, including the ability to add the app to the App Store so that it can be installed on a mobile device for easy access, you’ll need a WebView template.


Best WebView App Templates

The following are the best-selling WebView templates for Android and iOS available on CodeCanyon

It is the best and simplest solution to convert any website into a web application easily.


1- Universal Android App

universal android app

Universal Android App allows developers to create all-purpose Android apps using custom templates, with multiple designs for different types of content.

Supports AdMob ads, push notifications by OneSignal and much more.


Universal Android App supports multiple sources to ensure content from all over the web is displayed.

Where you can fetch content from WordPress to display your blog posts in the mobile app.

It also integrates with WooCommerce to integrate your online store with the mobile app, where users can browse products, add to cart, checkout, login, and more.

WebView is also available for creating web pages, whether online or offline.


It also supports Facebook to view your Facebook page feed, and also supports viewing of live TV and video streams in high definition.

It also supports RSS, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo and other content sources.




2- Universal Android WebView App

universla android webapp

Universal WebView App is a Native Android app that uses WebView properties to display content.

With this template, you can turn any website into a professional app with ease.


Universal Android WebView App is fast, easy, affordable and requires no technical skills.

The code is easily configurable and customizable, and there’s only one config file to set everything up!

It has a lot of great additional features such as material design, geolocation, and also supports pull-to-refresh feature to refresh content like a regular browser.


Universal WebView App is also compatible with WordPress or any other web framework.

It supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, and many other programming languages ​​and web technologies.

You can create your own application in less than 15 minutes without any technical or special programming expertise!




3- Web2App for Android

web2app convert wordpress website to mobile app

If you are looking to convert a website into an Android app.. Web2App For Android is also a suitable option.

The template is packed with features and has powerful customization options, where you can choose the template template, and customize the look of the app to fit your own brand.

It supports AdMob ads, send notifications to users, and display pages when there is no internet connection.

It also comes with a number of comprehensive detailed documentation, along with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions, making your work much easier.

An IOS app builder with the same features as Web2App for iOS is also available




4- RocketWeb for Android

Rocket web

RocketWeb is a WebView app for Android.

It comes with a lot of customization options, and you don’t need to know any programming languages ​​to make modifications to the app.

What sets it apart from the competition is the multiple choice of templates available, with over 50 color schemes available for you to choose from based on the look of your website.

It comes with support for RTL and Arabic languages, a dynamic sliding menu, and the ability to send notifications.

There is also a strong integration with AdMob to display ads, generate revenue, and many other features.




5- SuperView WebView App for Android

Superview Convert WordPress website to mobile app

SuperView WebView for Android is very suitable for website owners who want to turn a WordPress site into an Android app that pulls content from their website.

These apps come integrated with the AdMob ads system.. Social login feature, and a full in-app billing system.

Some of the other features are Firebase push notifications, geolocation capability, custom login screen, and loading indicator.

A copy of the template is also available for creating applications (iOS) with the same features and characteristics as the mentioned add -on, SuperView for iOS




6- WebViewGold for Android


WebViewGold converts websites or HTML forms into a Native Android app without any programming, and without the need for additional plugins.

The template supports all websites and applications, including HTML, PHP, WordPress, progressive web applications, and HTML5 games.. It also supports displaying AdMob ads for profit.


WebViewGold comes with a 100% Google Play Store approval approval guarantee

You can even get a full refund if Google rejects your WebViewGold app (by claiming within 14 days after purchase).


The website or web app is used as the foundation and the Android Studio package embeds the content into an integrated Native Android app!

An excellent way to reach millions of customers via the Google Play Store.

Another version of the template is available for creating iOS apps with almost the same features as WebViewGold for iOS .




Turn your website into a mobile app today!

You now have the opportunity to reach millions of mobile users simply by turning your website into a mobile app.

CodeCanyon’s WebView templates and mobile app builder plugins will help you get started right away with ease.

Also remember that you get 6 months of free support with all your purchases from the CodeCanyon website in addition to a number of educational documents to guide you to use the product correctly.

In the end, we hope that you take advantage of the tools presented in this list to be able to convert your WordPress site into an application as soon as possible.

What is your admiration?

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