Linking the WooCommerce store with the Facebook page in order to increase the store’s visits and sales

Linking the WooCommerce store with the Facebook

If you own an online store to display products, you must attract visits in order to increase your sales. Perhaps following a set of technical and marketing advice and recommendations to increase sales may inspire you to gain an additional audience base, such as social networking sites.

Facebook is a favorite destination for many that must be exploited in your business, by linking your online store to the Facebook page and displaying products on it in conjunction with displaying them on the store, which helps discover your store and get to know the products more, and take advantage of the many features that will be available in your hands.

The link between the online store and Facebook allows the use of a dedicated add-on to create a comprehensive view of the target audience, to exploit this in funded advertising campaigns and to send additional visits from Facebook to the store smoothly, which means achieving more profits.

Why should you link the store to Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and linking your store to Facebook gives you many additional benefits such as:

  • Obtaining new visitors, which means good promotion of products, including increased sales.
  • Facilitate the process of communicating with clients through Facebook messaging.

You can rely on adding facebook for woocommerce to link it to WooCommerce, as it provides you with the following:

  • The addition helps to make visitors discover your store, which allows you to expand your circle of customers and find new ones.
  • Display your products on the Facebook platform, and even give statistics on what products attract customers.
  • Automatically update the products that are displayed on the Facebook page according to what you publish in your store.
  • Install the Facebook pixel to support recharge ads, find new customers, and track ad effectiveness.

Using the facebook for woocommerce plugin

The facebook for woocommerce add- on is no different from the rest of the WordPress plugins in terms of installation. All you have to do is click on the Add-ons tab from the side menu, and choose a new add-on, to show you a group of uninstalled add-ons on your site, then search for the facebook for woocommerce add-on in the dedicated field. To search for new add-ons, then install and activate them.

Facebook for WooCommerce

Then, you need to set the basic extension settings and then link the WooCommerce store with the business page on Facebook, through the following steps:

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First, you will connect to your Facebook account by selecting the Marketing item, which will appear in the side menu as a new item, then choose Facebook from the Marketing<<Facebook drop-down list, and click the Get Started button.

Log in to your account on Facebook, and if you are not connected to it, log in and then continue with your name

A menu will appear for you to choose between (Facebook Shop), (Facebook Ad) and (Instagram Shopping), it is recommended to choose Facebook Shop only, with the ability to add the remaining two features later.

After that, you must select a business account on Facebook (Business Manager), then click on Continue, and if you do not have a business account, click on Create New

After that, you have to choose the Facebook page that you want to display the store’s products on

Then you have to choose an existing catalog from the list.

It is now the turn to choose the Facebook Pixel, which allows you to track inventory between the store and Facebook, as it is a small source code in the JavaScript language, which is added to the site to collect data that helps you build a target audience in your future ads, as well as monitor traffic Visitors inside the store.

In the event that the Facebook pixel does not exist, you must create a new one by clicking on Create new, choosing a name for it and then clicking on the Continue button, then you must confirm your commercial account to be used to distinguish the products offered on Facebook, do not worry, nothing you have done will change Previously, all data is saved.

Now go to your Facebook account dashboard, click on (Business Apps) and then click on (WooCommerce Integrationà) to take you to the page where the store is linked to the Facebook account

A window will appear with information about the powers added to you, and as soon as you click on the continue button, the integration between the store and Facebook will take place.

A window will appear where you can put your store link, make sure to put the store link and not the website if they are different.

The account is confirmed by clicking on the confirmation button, then you have to choose your business account on Facebook, to choose the Facebook page that you want to link to the store, choose the index and the Facebook pixel that was created.

You can choose the payment method by customers either through Facebook, Instagram, or your own website, as it is recommended to choose the latter as it contains more effective payment methods, in addition to the fact that Facebook is devoid of a means of payment as you are forced to communicate with the customer and make him pay either at Receipt or by giving him your bank account.

Now you have to choose the store account associated with your website

You must verify that the contact information is correct and then press the Continue button. You may be asked to confirm the domain associated with your account. In this case, press the Back button until you reach the Open Your (Shop) screen, and complete the previous steps without selecting (Instagram Shopping). To be directed to the hosting of your store and confirm that the link is for the store by pressing the button (THAT’S MY SITE – REDIRECT ME).

Now the store will be linked to the Facebook page, and because the audit is done manually, it may take weeks to publish the store on the Facebook page, allowing the visitor to browse the products.

Update Facebook products in conjunction with the store

To make the store more attractive and streamlined in browsing products by visitors, you need to add a catalog or catalog that displays the products in a distinct way and order that makes it easier for the customer to search for exactly what he wants, and to synchronize Facebook with the store in displaying the products by following these steps:

  • In your Facebook account, go to (Catalog manager) and choose a catalog from the inventory. In the absence of a catalog, press (Create a catalog) to create a new one, then choose the type of catalog from the store (travel, real estate…), and click on Next.
  • Then choose how to add products either manually or by importing them from the store
  • Then choose the work to which the index belongs from the dropdown list, give the index a name and click on the create button

With this, you have created the index and synchronized it with the store.

Then, after linking the store to the page on Facebook, you will get many visitors to the products, so you should make good use of this matter and invest in it by bringing more customers with a funded advertisement, so you must follow the following steps:

  • Click the Create from your Business manager button.
  • Define the marketing objective of store visits, and name the campaign.
  • Choose the page where you want to run ads, then click the continue button.
  • Define your target audience, by selecting the information collected from the previously installed Facebook pixel.
  • Select the campaign budget, launch time, and duration, then click the Continue button.
  • Choose the destination of the advertisement from the identity, and since we are talking about a funded advertisement for store visitors, choose the store page.
  • In the advertising format, customize the advertisement according to your desire, its shape, the use of images or videos.
  • Review your ad carefully, then press the publish button, and the first ad campaign for your store has been created.
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