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How to connect the domain to the hosting, and make the settings correctly

How to connect the domain to the hosting

If you purchased or intend to buy the domain of your site from “S” company , while you bought hosting from “Y” company , it is important that you link the domain to the hosting so that your site is launched to users.
In this article, it is completely suitable for you and will answer all the questions that arise in your mind, so that the linking process is done correctly and your site is ready to work.

The importance of linking the domain to hosting

Of course , the domain is just a link that points to the space that contains the files, data and content of your entire site, while hosting your site without linking it to a domain cannot access its content quickly and securely.
Therefore, the step of linking the domain to the hosting is an important step in order for the user to access your site hosted on a hosting company in a safe and fast manner. 

Note : You will certainly not need to do the steps to link the domain to the hosting if the domain and hosting are on the same service provider, and we will explain this throughout the article, but if the domain is from a company and the hosting is from another company, it is important that you direct the domain to the server.

Steps to link a domain name to a host 

Suppose you purchased hosting from namecheap company while you purchased the domain from Hostinger, you will do the linking process as follows

1- Adding the domain to the list of domains in the hosting control panel 

The first step in order for us to add the domain name to the list of domains in your hosting company account, which is namecheap in this case, is to enter the Cpanel control panel, where you can enter the cPanel through the login data that you obtained after registration, as follows:

Or you can log in to your account in the hosting company “Namecheap” and then search for the products page, which you find under the heading “ product list ” and then click on “ Hosting ”

After clicking on Hosting, your hosting data will appear and next to it is the “Go to Cpanel” button , click on it to be directed to the hosting control panel.

After entering directly to the hosting control panel, you will find an option in the control panel menu called “Addon domains” , domains or domains, click on it

A page will open for you to add or link a domain to your hosting, and it will be as follows:

  • New Domain Name : It is the link or domain that you want to connect to the hosting, such as www.example.com 
  • Subdomain: This box is if you have a subdomain from the main domain, such as: blog.example.com and want to link it to your hosting.
  • Document Root: This is if you want the domain to be linked to a path or an internal folder in your hosting, for example.com/blog, this means that the domain will be directed to the blog folder inside your site, but if you want it to be linked to the main path inside the file manager, leave it blank.
  • FTP Account: This field helps you to create an FTP account that allows you to connect to your hosting file manager using these files. 

2- Add the domain name servers of the hosting company to the domain manager account

As you can see, it is a reciprocal process, as we have logged into our account with the hosting company namecheap and added the domain there. We are now doing the opposite, which is adding the hosting data, which is called name servers, to our account in the domain company Hostinger in this case. 

The first step : Obtaining the data of the hosting servers for the domains, or the so-called data of name servers:

You can obtain the name servers data in different ways, the simplest of which is through the email you received from the hosting company after purchasing the hosting directly from them, where you will find the name servers data sent to you as follows: 

As you can notice, these are the name servers data that we need in order to add them to our domain account, and they are arranged as follows: 

  • The first is Nameserver 1: and its value: dns1.namecheaphosting.com
  • The second Nameserver 2: and its value: dns2.namecheaphosting.com

In the event that you do not reach the email that contains the NameServers values, you can easily find the nameservers for the hosting company you deal with, it is static data and you can get it online, where you enter Google and write “Hosting Company nameservers list” replacing Hosting company In the name of the company you deal with.. You can also write to the technical support of the hosting company and request the nameservers data from them.

Second Step: Enter the name servers data into your domain manager account at Hostinger. 

First, you have to log into your account with the domain company you purchased it from, and search for the “Domain list” tab. To show you your domain information, www.example.com , for example, next to the manage button: 

Click on the “Manage” button to be directed to the page of managing your domain information and data. On this page, you are looking for the option to modify the DNS or Name server, as shown in the following image:

  1. Click on DNS / Nameservers 
  2. Click on Change nameservers 
  3. Enter the DNS data that we previously explained how to obtain.

After entering the data in the previous way, click on “ Save ”. 

If the domain and hosting are on the same service provider “hosting company” 

 In the event that the domain and hosting are located on the same company, for example, you purchased the domain and hosting from Namecheap, then in this case you will not need to do the steps that we explained above, but just make sure that the value of Nameservers refers to the name of the hosting company, In this case Namecheap web host DNS appears which is Namecheap’s value. 

common questions

How long does the domain linking process take with hosting? 
After doing the process of connecting the domain to the hosting as we explained above, often after an hour or a few hours, it may reach 24 hours in order for the linking process to be done correctly 100%, and the domain name starts referring to the content of your site on the hosting. 

How do I make sure that the linking process is completed correctly?
After you have done the linking process as we explained above, open the command box from your computer, by pressing Start and typing CMD . 

You will notice that the black screen of the command box appears, type the nslookup command inside it and press enter. 

Then also type the following command: set type=ns and mark the spaces exactly as written, then press enter again. Then type in your domain name and press enter:

As you can see in the picture, after applying the steps, the nameservers will appear to you if the process of linking the domain to the hosting is done properly. 

Is it necessary to buy an SSL certificate for the domain? 
Of course, it is important that your site is certified with the famous SSL certificate, which makes your site’s communications with visitors safe and confidential, which enhances the security of your site. You can find a step- by -step guide regarding an SSL certificate and its usefulness for your site. 

How do I get a .com domain? Cheapest possible price? 
You can get a domain name and .com domain. At the lowest possible price, which is only 1 US dollar, from Ionos , a subsidiary of the United Internet, which provides global domain services. 

In the end, we hope that the explanation is complete and adequate for how to properly link the domain to the hosting. If you have any additional questions or questions, do not hesitate to write it at the bottom of the article in the comments box. We advise you to make sure that the connection process was done correctly through the method we explained above, and in the event that the connection process is delayed more than 24 hours, you can write to the technical support of the hosting company to make sure that there is no problem with connecting the domain to the hosting.

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