10 profitable online business ideas that you can start using WordPress

profitable online business ideas

Access to the Internet has become much easier than it was just ten years ago, and websites and applications that rely on the Internet are working to provide and facilitate a large number of services that users need in their daily lives, which made many Entrepreneurs see creating profitable online businesses differently.

Starting a profitable electronic project on the Internet may be a dream for many people, and many of them may think that digital projects on the Internet are the best way to get rich quickly, and on the other hand, we find those who are not convinced of the possibility of profit from the Internet in the first place, so in This article will get to know the truth about setting up a profitable project on the Internet.

In this article, we will learn about 10 profitable project ideas on the Internet that you can start using WordPress, and we will also learn how to manage your project on the Internet in the right way, and how all the concepts and basics of project management are applied to your digital project.

Digital projects are often characterized by the low cost of establishment compared to projects that are established on the ground, and digital projects enable you to reach a larger number of customers and users from all over the world, so if you choose the right project for you and follow the right steps to start In it, it may be the beginning of changing your life and financial situation for the better.

Let’s now get to know 10 ideas for profitable projects on the Internet that you can start using the WordPress system at the lowest possible cost, without the need for a lot of technical expertise, but only with your knowledge of the experience in using the WordPress system .

1- Create an online store to sell products


The field of e-commerce is considered one of the relatively new areas, and the demand for it is increasing day by day, whether by entrepreneurs or owners of online stores who want to expand their commercial activity and move it to the Internet, or by users who have become prefer marketing and buying from the Internet This is because it provides the possibility of reviewing products and ordering them with ease, without the need to actually go to the shopping mall.

Whatever type of products you offer, you can create an online store to sell your products, whether they are tangible products such as clothes, food, gifts, etc., or intangible digital products such as digital books, educational lessons, or other products that you display on your store and Sell ​​it through the commission marketing system .

If you are thinking of starting in the field of e-commerce and creating your own store, this is the right time for that. Creating a professional online store has become easy using WordPress and installing the WooCommerce plugin. You can create and design your own online store in less than 10 minutes and at the lowest possible cost, as Both WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin are free and open source tools, and all you need to get to start using them is to get hosting and a domain address for your online store.

On the WordPress Arabic site, we have prepared a comprehensive explanation in which we explain how to start using WooCommerce in order to easily create an integrated professional online store, and how to adjust store settings, add products, display them, and start selling them online. You can view: The following guide that explains to you All the steps to properly launch your store

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2- Create a classified ads site

Classified ads sites come as a type of site that allows users to display their products, and also allows users to browse products offered for sale according to classification, such as men’s clothing, sportswear, accessories and jewelry, cars, real estate and other classifications, and the site allows the buyer to communicate directly With the seller by phone, or chatting within the site in order to obtain the product.

Creating a classifieds website is a popular idea, especially if the site is dedicated to a specific type of product, such as creating a classifieds website that specializes in the field of real estate, or in the field of used cars, and so on. The more your website specializes in a specific field, the better it will be in terms of ease of marketing. It has and users frequent it due to its distinction in a particular aspect.

You can easily create your own classifieds site using WordPress by installing one of the templates dedicated to converting WordPress sites into an integrated classifieds site, using one of the templates designated for this purpose such as the ClassiPress template or other templates that convert the WordPress site into an advertising site classifieds.

Most of the profits come to the owner of the site by placing ads on his site, or by activating the premium membership feature on the site, or by activating the premium ads feature that allows the user to display his products at the top of the site or on the first page, or to extend the display period Advertising at a predetermined cost.

3- Create an educational website

There are many popular platforms on the Internet that enable you to display your training courses and start receiving students or people interested in education, but what we are talking about here is the purchase of creating and launching an integrated educational platform, whether you have experience in a specific field or you The owner of an educational institution and wants to create a digital platform that contains all the educational materials that are provided to students in the form of video clips, presentations, audio recordings, and others.

By creating your own educational platform, you have full control over the content displayed on the platform, and you can add multiple types of educational content in one place, and creating your own educational website also allows you to add a schedule to display educational classes at certain times and a feature Evaluation questions and exams at the end of each educational content and better follow-up of students’ performance.

By using WordPress and installing one of the plugins that convert your site into an educational platform such as the LearnPress add-on , you can create and design an integrated educational platform that enables you to display your training courses if you have a certain experience and want to turn it into a source of income from the Internet, or you The owner of an educational institution and wants to provide content to students and monitor and evaluate performance via the Internet.

4- Create a podcast website

There are many popular platforms that allow you to host your podcast episodes, such as Google Podcast , Spotify , SoundCloud , and others, but it is very difficult to market to record your podcast without having another platform to communicate with the target audience, and in these Case We recommend that you create a podcast site to arrange podcast episodes, add interaction options, and make your recordings easier for users to access.

You can create a site to display all podcast episodes hosted on an external service provider, as well as add additional interactive options to your site, such as downloadable files, images, scripts, and polls.

There are many WordPress templates and plugins that help you create this type of website, and the most popular templates used in this field are the Dixie template , as well as the Podcast Importer add -on, which are the two tools that you can rely on to launch your podcast website after installing WordPress .

Podcasting is one of the emerging types of digital content recently, and it has a promising future among the audience of users, as it helps in communicating information while exercising, riding transportation, or while doing another job, so if you are thinking of starting a podcast field or you already own a WordPress blog And you want to add and embed your own podcast, this is the right time for that.

5- Create a WordPress blog

Creating and owning a personal blog on WordPress is very easy, as WordPress started as a platform for blogging that enables you to write, format and publish articles with ease, so if you have experience in a specific field and want to share it with others, or you have a passion in a field If you have a specific topic and want to write about it, WordPress gives you the opportunity to create your blog and start working in the field of blogging at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible.

By owning a blog on WordPress, you can write articles about topics that interest you and that meet the interest of visitors at the same time, while improving the appearance of your blog in search engine results. The articles that you write on your blog can appear to everyone who searches for these topics in search engines such as Google. .

It is always recommended that you dedicate your blog to talk about a specific topic only, and avoid creating a blog that talks about everything in the world, and you can market your blog by improving its presence in search engines, by promoting it on social media platforms, or by being active in forums and websites Questions and answers online.

There are many methods that you can rely on in order to profit from your WordPress blog, and the most popular methods that most bloggers use are displaying ads on your blog, commission marketing for products, or by marketing and promoting your own products such as e-books, training courses, and others. of the products or services you offer.


6- Create a forum using WordPress

Many believe that the era of forums has ended, but let me tell you that this matter is not true at all, as if we look at the most popular sites on the Internet at the present time, you will find that they contain an interactive forum for visitors, which indicates that the forums are still playing An active role in the field of social communication and sharing ideas and interests with others.

Also, one of the most popular types of forums currently are technical support forums, which are devoted to talking about a specific product or service, answering user questions and solving problems related to them, and in the event that you created an electronic forum targeting a specific category and managed to market it appropriately, you have A great opportunity for your forum to become the official destination for anyone looking for information or facing a problem with the targeted product or service.

If your forum is popular and becomes a destination for many interested visitors, you can monetize the forum in more than one way, including displaying ads, commission marketing, or the premium membership system and other ways that you benefit from.

There are many plugins that enable you to convert the WordPress site into an integrated forum with professional features and features, and the most famous of these plugins is the BuddyPress add-on that you can install on your site to build a forum with integrated options.

7- Create a website for coupons

Many people are looking for coupons, discount offers, and exclusive discounts on some products that they want to get, and often you can offer them this service on your website using WordPress, so if you contact stores or websites that provide these services Or products, and registering as a representative or commission marketer, these sites may give you coupons and exclusive discount offers that you can present to your site visitors.

Coupon sites are among the most popular types of sites, especially from people interested in online shopping because they are always keen to buy products at economical prices, and therefore you can create a site specialized in selling coupons, but be sure to read the terms and policies of products or services that offer discount coupons, as some These sites do not allow their discounts to be displayed on sites that specialize only in the field of providing coupons.

Using WordPress, you can create a website specialized in providing coupons by installing one of the templates specialized in creating a coupons website, such as the Couponer template , which is characterized by the ease of creating sections and subcategories in order to facilitate the display of coupons on your site and their browsing by users.

8- Create a website for booking hotels and flights

Whether you are a travel enthusiast and want to launch the idea of ​​a website specialized in this field, or you are the owner of a flight booking agency and want to move your business to the Internet, WordPress helps you implement your idea in the digital world and start creating your new project at economical costs.

There are many custom WordPress templates that create a WordPress website ready to provide hotel and flight booking services. It is characterized by an uncluttered design, ease of use, and the ability to add reviews after experiencing the service by users, while providing electronic payment options that enable users to book services from their places.

WordPress also helps you greatly in the content marketing process for your website, by writing articles and reviews for the most famous tourist destinations and airlines, which in turn works to attract interested visitors from search engines and convert them into users of your site and loyal customers for the services you provide. .

9- Create a website to sell hosting services

Do you dream of owning your own hosting company? Now you can create a project on the Internet to provide web hosting services to your customers by subscribing to the Reseller Hosting service provided by many famous international hosting companies, through which you can create a website specialized in the field of selling hosting services.

The hosting company provides you with the servers on which the files of the users’ websites will be stored, and it remains for you to create and design your own site and give it a professional and distinctive appearance in order to be able to win the users’ holes and facilitate the process of choosing a hosting plan and subscribing to the service.

If you are enthusiastic about this idea, we recommend that you read our comprehensive guide on: Building a Business to Sell Hosting and Website Services

10- Create a magazine or news site using WordPress

WordPress is considered one of the best tools that enable you to create an electronic magazine or news website, especially since WordPress allows you to create more than one account for writers and authors on your site, and there are many templates that are suitable for creating a news website or magazine using WordPress.

Among the most popular Arabic templates that help you create a news or magazine website using WordPress is the ( Sahifa ) template, ( Jarida ) template , as well as Publisher , which are professional WordPress templates that you can get and install on your site easily to get your site to get an interactive look in a few minutes Just.

Most of the profits for this type of websites come by displaying ads, whether they are ads for local companies or by subscribing to one of the famous advertising platforms, where ads are displayed on your site and then you earn money in exchange for every click or for every thousand impressions of the advertisement on the pages your location.


There is no doubt that WordPress is one of the best digital content management systems that enable you to create a website of any type easily, quickly, and at the lowest cost . Plugins that can be installed on the WordPress site to get the required features and features with just one click.

In this article, we got to know 10 ideas for profitable projects on the Internet that you can start today using WordPress, and how anyone can own an integrated electronic project at the lowest cost and without relying on development companies or experts in the field of programming only by creating a WordPress site and installing The appropriate template or plugins for each project.

If you want to learn more about WordPress, you can follow the explanations that are provided on the WordPress website in Arabic. Place comments below.


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