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Best SEO plugins to improve your site’s visibility in search results

SEO plugins

If you are the owner of a WordPress site, SEO is a necessity that you can use with some ready-made plugins to analyze the performance of the site and configure each page of your site to be search engine friendly, and this includes the displayed content, the display of internal elements, the way media files and images are displayed inside the site, and all technical matters Which helps you to improve the visibility of the site in search results.

In this article, we will learn about the best SEO plugins that help you improve your site with search results, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each plugin and the characteristics it offers you to choose from.

Best SEO Plugins

Discover with us this list of the best SEO plugins that help you improve your site’s appearance in search results, and do the most important tasks to perform your site better.

1- Yoast SEO 

Yoast . is considered an add-on the most famous of the SEO plugins that help improve the content of the site for search engines, although the extension does not guarantee that your pages will be submitted to the first results directly in the search engine, but it gives you guidelines that help you configure your site and improve its appearance in research results.

Even if you are an expert in search engines and how they work, the Yoast extension helps you to remember all the factors that you need to adjust and improve in order to comply with all the rules of SEO . Among the most important features that Yoast provides: 

  • Analyze the compatibility of your site’s content with the target keyword and point out the weaknesses that need to be improved. 
  • Analyze the readability of the content, and provide various recommendations to improve the readability of the site.
  • Control the appearance of site pages when shared on social media, such as specifying a title or description that appears only when an article is shared via Facebook or Twitter …
  • The ability to create a sitemap for your site and internal pages. 
  • The ability to link the site with the Google console administrator tools in order to see the latest Google search statistics for your site.
  • Support for AMP page technology to improve the display of content on mobile devices. 

And a lot of other features that you can see in all the details and ways of use that we talked about in the article explaining the use of Yoast to improve SEO .

2- Rank Math

Adding Rank Math . The add-on provided more features that helped the site owners to improve the performance of their sites, for example: the internal linking feature, where the add-on provides the ability to specify any word or phrase from which you want to send an internal link to any of the site’s articles. 

There are also dozens of tools without exaggeration that help you implement all your site’s SEO improvements through an easy and simple interface that you can navigate between its elements without any complexity, and here are the most important features that the plugin brings to WordPress site owners: 

  • Integration with the Google Search console webmaster tools and the ability to view all statistics in the extension interface of the site. 
  • Support creating 404 error pages with custom designs.
  • Supporting the redirection of damaged links on the site to other useful links. 
  • Analysis of targeting more than one keyword in the free version.
  • Integration with social media platforms in order to customize the appearance of your site content that has been shared across those platforms.
  • The possibility of making a recovery of the site’s SEO components and settings from other add-ons that you used previously. 

Of course, there is a lot more that this add-on offers, which we talked about in explaining the use and features of Rank math to improve the site’s SEO .

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3 -All in One SEO 

The All in one SEO plugin is one of the most powerful plugins dedicated to helping improve the appearance of your site and its internal pages in the first results of search engines. The plugin provides an easy to use interface through which you can control all your site settings, without the need for technical expertise. 

One of the advantages provided by the All in one add-on is that as soon as you install the add-on on your site, the first installation window opens, in which the option to select the type or specialty of the site appears if it is a personal blog, a news site, or any of the other specializations. Then, when choosing the appropriate type, you The plugin automatically creates a suitable sitemap for your site to appear in search engines.

Also, one of the advantages of adding All in one SEO is the ability to include automatic tags (or what is known as dynamic tags) inside the titles and descriptions of your site articles in search engines, for example, you can insert the date of the current day that appears in front of the user on the day he searched within Descriptive content of your site: 

This feature can be used from within the meta tag adding text box for your articles or pages, by clicking on View all tags and a selection box will appear in front of you for you to choose the type of tag to be included in the descriptive text of the article, as you can see in the previous image. You can choose to insert the current date, or today Month, year, and other options that make your site description unique and completely different from the rest of the traditional competitors. 

Another useful feature in adding All in one SEO is the ability to customize a title and description for the article or page when you share it on Facebook. Shared on Facebook: 

The plugin also provides all the options that are found in most other SEO plugins, in addition to containing an easy user interface for beginners to perform the most basic SEO settings.

4 – seo press 

SEO press is ranked fourth as one of the free SEO plugins that provides you with the options needed to set up basic data and starting elements to make your site and its internal content highly compatible with different search engines.

The extension provides many options related to improving the quality of the internal content of the site and improving its visibility on social networking sites. It also provides redirection settings for damaged links to the site, and the most important characteristics provided by the extension are as follows:

  • There are no advertisements or advertisement files inside the extension control panel.
  • The extension provides all options for optimizing the title of the article or page as well as textual descriptions of the content of the pages of the site. 
  • The price of the paid version is $39, which is a fixed price for any number of used sites. You can purchase a license for the paid version and then install it on all the sites you own without a maximum.
  • The extension provides the ability to display the shape of the site and its appearance on various devices such as mobile phone, tablet computer, and others..
  • The ability to insert custom dynamic tags to be automatically inserted into the site title or its internal pages.
  • Create unique and custom sitemaps.
  • Deleting the site link description:?replytocom in order not to encounter the problem of duplicate content. 
  • The ability to import or export data from the current site to another site that uses the same extension.
  • The paid version provides integration with the Woocommerce extension to improve the SEO of online stores.
  • Website speed statistics on mobile devices.
  • Create custom sitemaps for news, business, personal blogs, and more. 

5 – SEO Framework

Also, the SEO Framework add – on comes with more than 100,000 active installations as of the time of writing this article, and it is constantly updated, so it is a simple and light add-on that helps you put your site content on the right path towards complying with all the rules and laws of search engines. 

The extension provides a lot of options provided by the most famous extensions, as it provides recommendations for the most important things and actions that must be done in order to improve the quality of the published content, as well as the option of integration between the site and social media platforms in order to improve the appearance of articles and pages when published within sites and platforms Various communication. 

The plugin does not publish sponsored ads in the WordPress dashboard with the free version, and technical support communicates directly with the plugin developers themselves and not by a third party. What seems strange about this plugin is that it provides additional options in the form of extension forms and you must also install it on WordPress if you want to get those additional features provided by the extension. 

6 – Wordlift AI SEO

In sixth place, we recommend the Wordlift extension , which tries to give a new character to your site’s content, although it is not the same performance as previous add-ons such as Yoast and RankMath, but it provides some additional features such as keyword analysis and content quality with modern artificial intelligence technology. 

The extension gives suggestions based on artificial intelligence techniques AI in order to enhance the confidence of search engines in the content by a greater percentage and thus provide a greater opportunity for content in front of the first search results, and despite the lack of popularity of this extension, it is used by some well-known platforms.


Other plugins that help you improve SEO

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about the most important plugins that cannot be dispensed with in optimizing and preparing your site for search engines, but these plugins may not provide some other tools to help improve the appearance in search results, so in the following paragraphs we review the most important SEO plugins for help Which provides those options that are not found in the famous SEO plugins. 

1. Easy Table of Contents

Adding Easy Table of contents helps you create a table of contents that makes the content better readable, so the more readable the content, the closer the site’s content is to the first results within search engines. Some famous SEO plugins do not provide the ability to add a table of contents within the content of the site, so you can use this plugin to perform this task.

The previous image also shows the table of contents that appears inside one of the articles that explain the concept of hosting , in order to clarify the main ideas and titles that are talked about and addressed within the article. This format is very important and most popular templates have it in mind. 

To activate the table of contents, after installing the plugin, you will enter the WordPress control panel. You can go to settings << table of content

As you can notice on the settings page, there are many options that are set in order to customize the look and feel of the table of contents that appears within the pages and articles of your site, and the most important of these options can be clarified through the four shaded boxes on them as follows: 

  • Enable suppor t: Here you choose if you want the extension to make a table of contents for articles only, or articles, pages and any other components of your site.
    You can highlight only the items on which you want to create a table of contents, for example if you choose “Articles” and “Pages” it will show the table of contents only on the articles pages and pages as well. 
  • Auto insert : Here you can choose the items on your site that you want, and the table of contents will be automatically inserted on them without any intervention from you. If you choose Articles for example, a table of contents will be created at the top of the article’s content for visitors containing the heading and sub-headings. 
  • position : determines the position of the table display, where the table can be chosen to display immediately before the first headline in the article, or to be displayed after the first headline, and can also be displayed at the end of the article
  • Show when : Here you specify the number of titles that if they are included in the article, a table of contents will be created for them. For example, if you choose 2, the table of contents will be displayed on any article in which 2 sub or main titles are listed. 

You can also manually add the table of contents to the article or page that you are editing by clicking on Activate the appearance of the  Insert table of contents , which appears on the edit page of the article or page inside WordPress: 

 2. Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker extension provides an additional SEO service that may not be found in many popular SEO plugins, as the extension works in the background in order to detect any broken or missing links, whether internal or external links. 

It is known that in the case of broken or missing links, it may negatively affect the results of your appearance in Google, so the extension periodically scans the site links, and when it detects a link within a site that no longer exists or may have been disabled, it sends you A notification informs you about this link that has been lost, so you can always keep your site from broken links to improve your site’s performance. 

3. WordPress Website Acceleration Plugins 

Site speed has become one of the most important factors that search engines depend on in ranking sites, and here we will not talk about specific additions, because we have previously talked about preparing a comprehensive article that talks about the most important procedures and additions to speed up your WordPress site , you can see this guide and make priority actions to speed up your site This enhances its visibility in the search engine.

4. Redirection 

The Redirection extension is one of the most helpful add-ons for SEO, which has more than a million active installations and has continuous and rapid updates, as the extension helps you in making Redirection in the event that the content of some page links is transferred to a new link on the site, in this case you must do a redirection process Redirect so that even if a user accesses the old link, it will be redirected to the new content with the new link being redirected to. 

This extension is used to do the work of redirecting site links without the need to modify the site’s code or additions. Where it is possible to redirect any link within the site very easily, as it is after installing the plugin and entering the WordPress control panel >> Tools >> Redirection, the plugin control panel will open in front of you as you see:

In the previous image, notice the first arrow, which indicates the box in which the link to be redirected (the old link) is placed, while the second arrow indicates the box in which the link to be redirected (the new link). Thus, the process of redirecting links is easy.

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5 . GA MonsterInsights

Monsterinsights helps you manage your site and analyze visitor and user data in an organized manner with many and multiple controls, as the plugin links the WordPress dashboard with your Google analytics account, and thus your site data and statistics are displayed within the WordPress dashboard itself, and thus you can view performance reports in one place and easily controlled. 

6. Show YARPP related topics

The YARPP extension provides a very important function within the site, which is to show the related topics or “related” topics to any of the articles or pages on your site in front of visitors. Visitors, which helps increase the opportunity for visitors to browse the largest number of your site’s articles before exiting, as well as strengthening the internal link between articles. 

As the image shows, you can enter the extension settings and decide whether you want to show related topics under articles, pages, media or other elements of your site. 

Note: If this feature is already present in the template, there is no need to use the mentioned plugin.


In the end, if you install the previous plugins that we talked about, they help you in doing some SEO tasks with better performance, but they remain tools that help you and you need to know what is the most appropriate tool and how to use it optimally. .

In addition to the use of SEO plugins, it remains necessary to pay attention to many factors of the quality of the content of the site and the rest of the other SEO factors that affect the overall balance of the site with the search engine

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