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The most important additions to editing and formatting images within WordPress in a professional way

important additions to editing and formatting images

Do you own a WordPress site specialized in publishing and displaying images continuously? 

If your answer is yes, then of course you always strive to coordinate the display of images and videos within your site in a way that suits site visitors and helps increase their stay on the site. 

Although WordPress provides some default options for editing and formatting images, these settings are still not sufficient to format images and videos within the site in a professional manner, as the default options are limited to some simple formats. 

In this article, we have researched and experimented with a large number of WordPress plugins specialized in editing images and adjusting their formats within the site in order to provide a reliable reference for you to get the best useful WordPress plugins for photo and video site owners and any site that publishes images and media files continuously. 

The default settings within WordPress for editing and formatting images 

WordPress provides many simple options that help format images and adjust their appearance appropriately within the site easily. 

Without using plugins, you can add images within the site and modify them using the default tools available to you in the control panel.

When you insert an image into a page or article on the WordPress site, a toolbar appears above the images that contains some options for modifying their format, as well as the editing toolbar on the side of the page, which contains many formatting options as well:

As you have noticed, you can adjust the size of the images and choose if you want them to be circular or rectangular, as well as the width and height of the images and some additional formats.

In addition to the ability to add images, in the new updates, WordPress provides the ability to add an image gallery that contains many images that the visitor can easily navigate between. 

When you create an image gallery inside WordPress, it also shows you a toolbar when you hover the mouse over each image, where you can use it to edit the image and change its format, and also through the component settings panel on the side of the page, which contains control options in the image gallery such as size and number of columns Your preferred format:

You can also check out the guide to uploading image editing within WordPress using the default settings available in the control panel.

Customize images with plugins

You may wonder : Why do I use external plugins to edit images as long as images can be added and modified within the WordPress control panel? 

The short answer is that WordPress provides only some simple and limited editing and formatting options, and therefore you do not have more editing options, and to communicate the idea more deeply, we show you the most important features that you get from image editing plugins:

  • The ability to create a photo gallery and control its format and the way it appears professionally.
  • The possibility of activating the sharing of images by visitors on social media platforms.
  • Make comments available on photos in a way that helps increase interaction, as well as the visitor’s stay on the site.
  • The ability to add protection to images to prevent them from being downloaded or used without rights.
  • The ability to display images for sale if the add-on used is compatible with WooCommerce .
  • Creating aesthetic animations on the images to display them in an interesting and interesting way for visitors to the site.
  • Create photo galleries compatible with mobile and small screens.
  • You can get many other options and tools from WordPress plugins that specialize in formatting and editing images.

1. Add Simply

Simply provides many options for editing and formatting images within WordPress in its free version on the official store. 

Once the plugin is installed and activated on the site, it allows you to have several components that you can add from within the articles and pages editing panel:

You can insert the components provided by the add-on and start uploading your images and choose the appropriate display method for them within the site, as the add-on gives you many options for displaying the image as well as allowing you to create an image gallery in an arranged manner, and you can control the way of formatting and displaying the way you want. 

Also, one of the options provided by the add-on is displaying the sharing and downloading image buttons, where visitors can share their favorite images on social media platforms, and they can also click on Easy to Download to download the image with ease, and you can cancel these options from within the settings provided by the add-on when uploading Pictures to your site:

2. Add Modula

Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery

The Modula add -on provides many options for controlling the format and appearance of images within WordPress, and there are two free and paid versions available, and the free version provides many reliable formatting options to coordinate the display and appearance of images within the site in a professional manner. 

When installing and activating the add-on, a tab for it appears inside the control panel, and upon entering it, you will find the option to create a new photo gallery, which you upload images to or choose from the media library, then you enter each image to open its editing bar for you, where you can write a title that appears below Or above images within the site and other options. 

After applying the required formats to your images inside the gallery, you can copy the gallery short code and paste it into the page or article you want:

The add-on also provides the ability to create an animated slideshow and modify them, but you must upgrade to its paid version to take advantage of this option, which is not necessary as there are many free WordPress plugins to create an animated slideshow for images. 

3. Add Video Gallery 

Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

The Video gallery add -on provides simple solutions for creating a video gallery within the WordPress site, where you can create a gallery that contains many videos, whether you upload them to the media library within your site, or you can insert them directly from YouTube or any external source. 

After installing and activating the add-on on your site, a tab for it appears in the control panel. You can enter the add-on tab to start creating a completely professional video gallery:

As the picture shows, you can click on the Add videos button inside the gallery that you want to create, and you can write a title that appears at the top of each video inside the gallery and other options that you find within the settings page while creating the show. 

After completing the creation of the gallery, you can copy its short code and add it to any page or article on your site easily.

4. Add FooGallery

Best WordPress Gallery Plugin – FooGallery

Adding FooGallery helps you create a gallery of photos or videos in any format or arrangement you want, in addition to providing many options for displaying images within the gallery, where you can change the primary colors on the images and choose more than one filter to change the look and feel of the images inside the gallery. 

It is used to add (Lazy load) technology to display images within the site, which contributes to increasing the speed of the site as the images are displayed in a way that does not cause an increase in the loading period for visitors. 

The add-on also provides options for securing images within the site, but these options are only available in its paid version, which cancels mouse clicks on images in order to download them, as well as automatically placing a watermark on any images uploaded to the site, in order to protect the rights of images within the site. 

5. Add a photo gallery

Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery

The photo gallery plugin is a multitasking plugin that can be used to create a photo gallery of different formats and divide the photo gallery into rows and columns as desired. 

It also helps in creating animated slideshows in more than one format and way of displaying them in front of visitors, and you can add any formats to the images inside the gallery according to the options and tools provided by the addition. 

A paid version of the add-on is also available, which allows you to display photos for sale, as well as linking the site to electronic payment gateways to sell photos and receive money easily. 

6. Add Envira Photo Gallery

Gallery Plugin for WordPress – Envira Photo Gallery

Envira Photo Gallery is one of the easiest plugins that you can use to create a mobile or static photo gallery within your WordPress site, as the plugin provides a very easy way to add a photo gallery and the ability to include the gallery inside an article or other page on the site by pasting the short code that is automatically generated for each gallery photo.

Once the plugin is installed, you can enter its tab within the control panel, and start uploading the images that you want to create a gallery for, where you have the option to upload images from your computer or choose images from within the WordPress media library:


In the end, creating an image gallery inside WordPress is one of the important things to attract the attention of site visitors, especially if the site specializes in business exhibitions that need to upload more images continuously. 

Whatever add-on you intend to use to create a photo gallery on your site, there are many things that you must take into account to maintain a comfortable and useful user experience for your visitors, as you must take care of the SEO of images within your site in order to gain the opportunity to appear in the search results. 

There are many ways to upload images to WordPress , and whatever method you use, always try to compress the size of the images within your site to the lowest size that can be accessed, in order to increase the efficiency and speed of opening the site to visitors.

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