Top 10 WordPress Themes To Create An E-Learning Platform In 2023

Create An E-Learning Platform

If you are looking for the best WordPress themes to create an e-learning platform, you are in the right place.

Perhaps you are considering making and selling courses online, or you have educational content that you want to publish on your own website.

Our topic today will be a review of the 10 best WordPress templates for creating an e-learning platform, or a website for selling courses and training courses.


All of these templates provide multiple and powerful options for creating specialized websites for educational institutions or individuals who want to sell online courses.

So whatever kind of educational project you’re working on, you’ll be able to find a suitable template in this premium collection.

All the templates in this list are specially designed for this type of site, and are compatible with most WordPress plugins for managing an e-learning system (LMS).


Also, these templates contain a large variety of ready-made templates (Demo) so that you can start running your site immediately.

Also, most of the templates on this list support the RTL feature, which allows you to easily create an website.


Many WordPress templates for creating an e-learning platform are flexible and easy to use.

Therefore, you will be able to make any modifications to the look or content of the template easily through the built-in template features.


These templates have been carefully selected, as we found that they provide everything you need to create a professional e-learning platform, whether for individuals or organizations.



1- Reptro


Reptro template is specially designed to help you transform WordPress into an online platform for displaying and selling training courses.

With Reptro you will be able to easily create courses, manage student subscriptions and add all the features needed to create your own e-learning system.


The Reptro theme pack includes four different homepage designs to help you get a professional looking e-learning platform that will help you attract more subscribers to your courses.

Some of the options on the homepage design include a video player that can be used to explain the features of your courses.


In addition to a course grid display system that makes it easy for your visitors to browse the offered courses.

The private tutors section feature is also available to identify trainers and course providers.

You can see the master page design in action in the template ready templates, and how they give you plenty of options for the look of your website.


If the pre-made content in the template package isn’t for you, the included page builder gives you full control to make any modification to your site’s design.

Using the popular Elementor page builder, you can import ready-made templates and start editing them to suit your vision through an easy-to-use visual editor.

Reptro also includes a powerful theme options and settings dashboard that helps you customize your site in different ways.


Reptro has a design that will impress your target audience, as well as many functions related to selling courses and accepting payments on your site.

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an Arabic e-learning platform.

It is also ready to be translated into multiple languages ​​by integrating with the WPML plugin.


  • Mold sales: 560 
  • Template rating: 4.4/5
  • Template price: $59



2- Oak


Eikra is an educational WordPress theme designed for creating and selling online courses.

The variety of ready-made website templates in the Eikra theme pack is dedicated to creating an integrated e-learning platform using WordPress.


The Eikra template focuses on the academic educational aspect, so you find ready-made templates best designed for schools, universities, and educational institutions that are looking for a formal digital presence.

But I think it is also suitable for individuals who are looking for a way to sell their courses online.

Thanks to the wide range of ready-made templates provided by the template, which are suitable for applying many ideas.


These forms cover all pages and parts of the site, such as the home page, courses pages, trainers pages, pricing and payment pages, etc.

You can easily import these Eikra template demos, helping you get started with launching your project right away.


Eikra is also designed to integrate with LearnPress, one of the most popular e-learning plugins for WordPress.

This provides you with access to all the features of e-learning platforms, or what is known as the Learning Management System (LMS).


Another great feature of Eikra is the integration with Zoom video conferencing software.

If you are working on providing educational content over the internet then this feature will definitely be very useful to you.

You can also host events & webinar on your website easily with Eikra template.


Eikra comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, and is also compatible with Elementor to help you design or customize your own template pages.

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an Arabic e-learning platform.

It is also ready to be translated into multiple languages ​​by integrating with the WPML plugin.


  • Mold sales: 1893 
  • Template rating: 4.8/5
  • Template price: $49



3- Effort


Efor is a WordPress theme dedicated to creating an e-learning platform with a focus on helping educators and educational institutions achieve their goals.

The Efor template contains many features that help you create a professional educational website to display training courses.


When using the Efor template, you will get a number of ready-made website templates to choose from, each of which is suitable for creating an electronic educational platform in a different way.

These templates contain many useful elements to highlight the advantages of the courses offered.

For example, offering course ratings from previous students, sharing testimonials from clients or companies you’ve worked with, etc..


The design of the template has a strong focus on helping you convert more site visitors into customers, which makes it suitable for promoting courses, as well as presenting them simply and clearly.

The Efor template is designed to integrate with the LearnPress plugin so that you have access to all the features you need when creating and managing courses.


The monetization aspect is taken care of with the integration with the WooCommerce plugin which makes it easy to collect payments in order to access your content.


If you want to make any changes to the design, you can easily do so with the Elementor page builder plugin included in the Efor theme package.

This gives you complete control over all parts of the template with Elementor’s drag-and-drop feature.

You can also insert new content modules within pages, or even build custom pages from scratch.


Although Efor’s theme design is one of its strongest features, you get creative freedom in customizing the look of your site.

Efor is designed specifically for people who offer online courses, rather than large organizations.


  • Mold sales: 2312 
  • Template rating: 4.3/5
  • Template price: $79



4- MaxCoach


MaxCoach is a modern and very distinctive WordPress theme, suitable for individuals who want to offer online training courses.

The templates in MaxCoach are specifically designed for entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, human development coaches, and other people who need an online platform to share their experiences with their followers.


MaxCoach gives you plenty of pre-built templates to get you started.

These templates include a home page designed to help you promote yourself and your courses to your visitors.

Also, many other sample pages, such as the Start Here page, training course pages, forms for publishing your terms and conditions, and others.


Like many e-learning WordPress themes, MaxCoach is designed to integrate with the popular LearnPress e-learning platform management plugin.

The MaxCoach template also integrates with the popular Zoom program for video communication, and you can use this service to deliver face-to-face educational sessions through your site.


The MaxCoach template also contains some additional features to help make the learning platform more effective..

For example, pop-ups that can be used to promote offers, or encourage visitors to join your email list.

Also displaying relevant training courses to provide similar content to your visitors, and a review system that allows your content to be easily evaluated.


MaxCoach supports WooCommerce plugin so you can add any e-commerce features to your site.

It also allows you to accept payments on your site using payment gateways – such as PayPal and Stripe – in exchange for access to your educational content.


The MaxCoach template is designed to work with the Elementor plugin, giving you complete control over customizing the look of the template and editing the different parts of your site.

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an Arabic e-learning platform.

It is also ready to be translated into multiple languages ​​by integrating with the WPML plugin.


  • Mold sales: 1,577 
  • Template rating: 4.8/5
  • Template price: $59



5- Uptime


UpTime is a multipurpose WordPress template suitable for launching an e-learning platform.

For now, any good WordPress theme should work seamlessly with the popular Elementor page builder plugin.

The UpTime template has been specifically designed to integrate with this plugin.

All of the templates that come with the template can be edited through Elementor’s easy-to-use interface.


The great ability to edit templates in UpTime makes this template perfect for creating a website that specializes in offering online courses.

It also provides the flexibility to design landing pages that will help you promote your courses and get more sales.


UpTime comes with a ready-made e-learning template, so you may not need to do any editing or customization at all.

The demo has an attractive homepage that does a great job of promoting the courses on your site.

In addition to focusing on turning more visitors into participants in these courses.


To help attract your target audience, you can use the home page to display comments from people participating in your courses.

The home page also helps you to display the most important features of your training courses in an easy and simple format.


Other sections of the homepage give you an opportunity to introduce yourself, view the FAQ section, and post registration forms on your site.

UpTime is a highly configurable and flexible WordPress theme, where you can easily edit the elements on the homepage and add or remove sections.


If you are looking for a flexible and easy-to-use template with ready-made illustration templates for an educational platform, then UpTime is for you.

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an Arabic e-learning platform.

The template is also ready to be translated into several languages ​​easily by integrating with the WPML plugin.


  • Mold sales: 818  
  • Template rating: 4.9/5
  • Template price: $49



6- Coaching WP

Coaching wp

Coaching WP is a suitable WordPress theme for anyone who wants to publish educational content or offer online training courses.

The template is designed to integrate with the popular LearnPress WordPress plugin to help you launch an e-learning platform very easily and in record time.


Once you choose one of the ready-made website templates in the template package, you’ll be able to start adding your content and getting your site up and running right away.

The template is focused in the way it works on individuals who want to promote paid online courses.

The pre-generated content can easily be modified to showcase other people’s courses, or even an organization offering various educational content.


Regardless of the look of the site or the type of content, the template homepage includes many useful elements and sections to create a more attractive and effective website.

You can easily embed videos on your homepage, to introduce yourself, or to showcase course content.


You can also add animations and countdown timers to promote a limited-time offer, and encourage visitors to take action.

Like many WordPress themes for creating an e-learning platform, you can easily edit pre-designed content through the content editing tool built into the Coaching WP theme package.


The template is designed to help you promote your online courses, so you will find many elements needed to promote your brand.

The Coaching WP template also provides a number of important tools to help you convince visitors to subscribe to your site.

Such as displaying testimonials from previous clients “Testimonials” in addition to distinctive models to display your work and previous experiences “Portfolio”

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you easily create an Arabic e-learning platform.

Coaching WP is also suitable for creating a multilingual website by integrating with the WPML plugin.


  • Mold sales: 5425 
  • Template rating: 4.8/5
  • Template price: $59





WPLMS template is specially designed to help you transform your WordPress website into an integrated e-learning platform.

Although the template is suitable for someone who has a specific course or educational content that they want to publish online, it is also suitable for creating any kind of e-learning platform.

Even if they represent an educational institution, or more than one trainer, the WPLMS template should be suitable for your project.


WPLMS template is one of the most popular WordPress templates for creating an e-learning platform at the present time, as the template has achieved more than 25,000 sales on Themeforest

So if you are looking for a premium educational template that is popular and has high ratings, then WPLMS is the right template for you.


One of the reasons why the WPLMS template is so successful is that it can be used for a wide variety of e-learning related websites.

For example, language centers, paid course providers, private schools and universities.

You can even launch a multi-vendor marketplace to sell your courses – like the popular Udemy site – and allow instructors to sign up and publish their courses on your site.


With a simple and easy-to-use content editor, and hundreds of design options, you can create an outstanding website that expresses your brand without worrying about your site looking like others.

The template supports the creation of a discussion forum for members, the direct chat feature within the site, and it is ready for translation into several languages.


  • Template sales: 25,183 
  • Template rating: 4.5/5
  • Template price: $75



8- MasterStudy


MasterStudy template provides all the features of e-learning websites that you need, with a number of ready-made templates.

MasterStudy template contains demo content for different types of e-learning related websites.


So whether you offer your own courses, or allow others to offer courses on your site, the MasterStudy template is ready to help you.

The template is also suitable for promoting offline courses, or educational content that is offered offline.


In the template pack you will find a set of pre-designed website templates for different purposes, using various design styles.

But if you don’t like these ready-made templates, MasterStudy comes with a drag-and-drop page builder to help you make any customization with ease.


The template developers have also developed a special plugin for managing the MasterStudy LMS e-learning system.

The plugin provides everything you need to create courses, manage content and student subscriptions, and other features an educational website needs.

The add-on also provides solutions for collecting electronic payments, giving you the ability to sell your content without the need to install any external add-ons.

Since the theme and plugin are developed by the same team, they work seamlessly together providing a solid user experience all the time.


The template also provides the ability to create exams and assessment system for students, an advanced tool for announcing new courses, and a messaging system from within the site.

Another important feature of the MasterStudy template is the ability to import course details and data from the Udemy website and promote these courses on your site with an affiliate marketing system.


MasterStudy is a flexible WordPress theme for creating a website that provides everything needed to launch an e-learning platform.

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an Arabic e-learning platform.

MasterStudy is also ready to create a multilingual website by integrating with the popular WPML plugin.


  • Mold sales: 12,005 
  • Template rating: 4.8/5
  • Template price: $69



9- Eduma


Eduma theme has a huge number of features that make it at the top of the list of the best WordPress themes in this group.

Eduma has achieved more than 29,000 sales, making it the most used WordPress theme for creating an e-learning platform ever.


Eduma template contains more than 10 different ready-made e-learning platform templates for you to choose from.

In addition, you can use and mix the different elements within these templates to create a unique website to showcase and promote your courses.

These ready-made templates contain a set of designs that are perfect for promoting a master course, or showcasing several courses to a different group of instructors.


When setting up your site, you can allow a visitor to register as a tutor, or charge users to register as students on your site.

Whatever type of platform you need to implement on your site, Eduma provides features and pre-designed content to meet your needs.


The e-learning features are provided by the famous LearnPress add-on to manage the e-learning system.

Thanks to this, you get access to a large number of functions and options for creating and managing courses on your site.

Eduma also includes some paid add-ons for LearnPress at no additional cost.

For example, functions such as a random quiz generator, the ability to create teaching assistants, a certificate generator, etc.


To help you create the right educational content, Eduma template provides a drag and drop course builder, with this feature creating a course is very easy.

You can also use the content builder to design custom pages for your site, or modify some parts of the template.


Other plugins supported by the theme include:
  • Membership Pro that adds a subscription manager to your site.
  • WooCommerce to help you collect payments.
  • bbPress to easily add discussion forums to your site.


The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an Arabic e-learning platform.

It is also ready to be translated into multiple languages ​​easily by integrating with the popular WPML translation plugin.


  • Template Sales: 29013 
  • Template rating: 4.8/5
  • Template price: $69



10- Edumode



Edumodo is an ideal WordPress theme for creating websites to sell courses and manage the distance education process.

To give you more flexibility, Edumodo integrates with leading e-learning WordPress plugins, such as Sensei, LearnPress, and LearnDash.

The list of other plugins that are particularly compatible with Edumodo is long, such as the bbPress discussion forum builder and a number of others.


In addition to template functionality, you also get access to many ready-made templates for e-learning platforms.

Some of these templates cover university sites, kindergarten sites, and online course sites for individuals.

These templates can be easily imported into your site, so after you’ve decided on the layout you want to use, it won’t take long for your site to get up and running.


If you want to modify any of the templates in the Edumodo template package, you can use the Elementor page builder.

To help improve the functionality of Elementor, the template package includes a Widgetkit add- on so you can easily insert more elements into your pages.

You can also modify the look and functionality of your site in various ways through the advanced theme control panel.


The Edumodo template targets organizations that provide educational content online, as well as individuals who need a website to sell professional courses.

The template fully supports the RTL feature to help you create an e-learning platform in the Arabic language, and it is also ready to be translated into several languages.


  • Mold sales: 1228 
  • Template rating: 4.4/5
  • Template price: $49



In the end, I hope you can find the right template for you in this distinguished collection of the best WordPress templates to create an e-learning platform.

If you know another suitable template to do this task and can compete with these templates, please tell us in the comments so that we can add it to this list.

What is your admiration?

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