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WordPress analytics plugins help you track your visitors and get detailed information about them, and in this way, appropriate decisions can be made to improve the presence of visitors on your site, by following the number of visitors, the source of visits and tracking their behavior within your site.

You can also collect data and make decisions to grow your business and make it easier for you to know the performance of your site, so in this article we will learn about the criteria for choosing an analysis extension and display the most popular extensions to analyze trusted sites with a quick look at how to deal with each extension and its pros and cons.

Criteria for selecting add analysis

There are dozens of analytics plugins available in WordPress, which one is the best? Before we talk about the best addition to the analysis, we must know what are the basic criteria on the basis of which we determine the efficiency of the addition to rely on, and they are as follows:

  • The ability to add accurate tracking of your site visitors, providing comprehensive statistics for their number, calculating the data transfer rate and the source of visits to your site, whether the user reached your site through search engines, for example, or through social networking sites, ads, external signals, or other sources.
  • The simplicity of the extension’s statistics interface so that it provides you with the required data and statistics in an easy-to-use interface, and the simpler the extension’s interactive interface is in giving information, the user will be able to manage the site more efficiently.
  • Providing accurate analytics reports with solutions to increase the number of visitors, raise the level of the site in the ranking, and discover page errors and ways to correct them.
  • Real Time Reports, which means active users in real time, from which you can see what visitors are doing and which pages are getting their attention the most. From this information, you can infer which pages are least visited and what to do to increase the efficiency of the content of these pages to increase the number of visitors.
  • E-commerce tracking for store owners so that the extension control panel includes a special statistics section about the products you display in your store with the rate of customer visits to each product, in addition to providing reports for tracking purchase cases and products that have received the most visits or interest from customers and others of important information.
  • Keeping track of downloaded files For digital files (such as PDF books), as well as knowing the number of downloads, it is possible to identify the most popular books so that you can make the appropriate promotional decision.  
  • Track ads and see how many clicks on them from different promotion sources.
  • Find out what content gets the most traffic, find out which publishers are most popular with readers, and try to help less popular publishers expand the circle of readers interested in their content.
  • Integration with the “ Search Console ” tool to see how well your site ranks, and how well it performs in progress in Google search results.
  • Knowing the number of people who filled out purchase orders and counting the percentage of withdrawals from purchases. These details are very important, especially in e-commerce sites.

Therefore, the function of adding analysis is to facilitate tracking of your site visits and knowing the behavior of the visitor on the site, and the sales movement if you are an online store owner. .

Most popular website analytics plugins 

There are dozens of WordPress plugins to analyze sites, you may find it difficult to survey all these plugins and choose the right one, so we have chosen six of the most prominent WordPress analysis plugins, detailing the pros and cons of each of them so that you have the opportunity to choose the one that suits you best, The six additions that we chose, which we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each one as follows:

1 – MonsterInsights

The plugin has got more than 2 million active users and a rating of 4.6 users of the plugin. MonsterInsights is one of the most popular plugins that provides results of analytics and statistical data through (Google Analytics)  integrated into your WordPress site, and MonsterInsights shows you important statistics so that you can complete the work successfully and helps you start making data-driven decisions to grow your business. This plugin also offers you actionable analytics reports within your WordPress dashboard and other capabilities.

A quick look at the control panel

The following figure shows the settings auto-generator for the MonsterInsights extension, as you can see it is easy and simple

In the following figure, it displays a detailed report on the number of visits and bounce rate, the percentage of devices that visited the site, the rate of new visitors and the highest visited pages on the site, in addition to the number of total visits to the site.

Add-on information

  • Ease of installation and setup, and enables you to use all the features of google analytics .
  • Get simplified reports, you can customize all the tracking features for your visitors, and you can additionally use different metrics, such as date range, to see peak times for visits and more.
  • It has a simple user interface that shows you the analytics and reports, and you don’t have to leave the site dashboard.
  • The plugin does not require you to have external accounts such as a plugin developer account and a WordPress account, unlike other popular plugins that require a WordPress account.
  • The ability to import and export reports, if you need to store your site analytics data, you can easily do so with this plugin.
  • The add-on provides limited freebies, and in return, you find the paid version, which is expensive, starting at $199

2 – ExactMetrics

ExactMetrics has helped make the site analytics similar to “Google Analytics” in its features, and it displays the statistics within the dashboard well, and it tracks data and the behavior of visitors in detail, and it has got more than a million active users.

ExactMetrics extension comes with free features that are less than paid, and it also comes with an easy control panel, in addition to the feature of real-time tracking of all user data on your site (the time that visitors are on the pages of the site, where it shows you the number of visits and the time that visitors stay), in addition to providing the ability to track Analyzing e-commerce websites, following up on product movement, and tracking referral links for affiliate marketing; These are product links for the affiliate companies that the marketer deals with, and many other possibilities. 

A quick look at how to deal with the addition 

The following figure shows a report for the number of visits and bounce rate, as well as the number of devices that visited the site, the percentage of new visitors, and the most visited pages.  

Add-on information

  • The extension displays data tracking the movement of users on the site in terms of activities and visits through the control panel
  • Provides comprehensive survey of Google Reports and Analytics in simple templates
  • The ability to track the source, activities and behaviors of your site visitors
  • Evaluate the performance of the site, the most visited pages, the number of visits, and the time the customer spends browsing the site’s content
  • Identify trending topics within Google Statistics
  • Provides the ability to analyze total revenue, order value, conversion rates, total number of transactions, and evaluate the least desirable products to help make marketing campaigns for them
  • It is allowed to download the report and share it with other people
  • Protects the privacy of your site data by relying on the login of the site owner, where the reports are available for download in the form of a PDF file, with the ability to share with third parties
  • Allows to set up automatic emails
  • The paid version is more expensive, for the capabilities you get

3 – Analytify

Analytify provides statistics via Google Analytics in the front-end and back-end and through a simple dashboard, and is depended on by more than 70,000 active users with a rating of 4.8 users. The extension is easy to download and install and easy to add Google Analytics tracking code.

The Analytify extension tracks WooCommerce affiliate product analytics and general stats, such as bounce rate, average time spent on site, average page visits, new visitors, return rate, and other unique capabilities.

Quick overview of using the extension

The following figure shows data on visitor numbers, bounce rate, and time to stay on the page.  

The extension shows in the following figure the percentage of visits, devices and most visited pages:

The following figure shows the countries and cities from which the visits come:

Add-on information

  • The extension allows you to integrate Google Analytics and see pages, networks, visitors and their behavior within the site.
  • Simple interface, in addition to the ability to share data on social networking sites.
  • It provides a free version with good settings.
  • Easy to install the extension and monitor the performance of the site.
  • The extension does not burden the site.
  • Difficulty setting up basic Google Analytics tracking
  • Paid version limited

4 – Enhanced Ecommerce

If you are an online store owner, Enhanced google analytics tracks analytics for your e-commerce, from users’ store visits to site visits, to product views, shopping cart and other pages that you need to study well to develop your business. The plugin is used by more than 40 thousand active users and is rated 4.4 by WordPress users.

This extension also provides you with the ability to track marketing efforts, monitor the performance of products on the homepage or product list page, and make marketing decisions based on these results. You can also follow the shopping cart based on data, follow and communicate with users who have withdrawn from the cart, and update the lowest selling products.

The extension also provides you with detailed reports about your visitors, their behavior and interests within your site, and other important reports that include surveys, detailed data for the countries from which visitors come, their ages, interests, devices, and other data that you can invest in developing your business.

A quick look at how to deal with the addition 

The extension is integrated with Google Analytics, and the data is shown in basic Google Analytics as shown in the following figure:

Add-on information

  • Track product clicks and impressions
  • The extension provides performance and behavior reports for Shopping, Checkout, Products, and Sales
  • Integration with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking
  • You can benefit from all the features of the add-on only after purchasing the paid version, which is very expensive

5 – 10Web analytics

The extension is easy to use, does not involve many complications, and does not need to be on Google Analytics, where you can get all the statistical and analytical data from within the extension. The add-on is integrated with Google Adsense ads, and one of the pluses of this add-on is the ability to download analytical reports in CSV format.

Quick look at the add-on

The following figure shows the data that the extension can show, which includes: real-time visitors, number of visitors, exact visits times, duration of stay on the page, new visitors, bounce rate from the page, its source, countries from which users visit your site, and the browsers used.

Features of the add-on

  • Integrate Google Adsense ads and export data
  • Export analytical reports in CSV format
  • Track product sales in online stores 
  • Allows you to send automated email reports

6 – WP Statistics

WP statistics is a simple tool that enables you to know your site’s stats with a good analysis of your visitors. The extension gives you a comprehensive survey of all the information you need to manage your site effectively, such as knowing how many people visit the site, where they are, what browsers and search engines they use, and other information, and this extension follows the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 With WP Statistics, you can find out and track what visitors are looking for on your site through visitor data records, including IP address, referring site, browser, search engine, operating system, visitor location, and more. The extension includes simple graphs and statistics with the ability to export data in multiple formats such as XML and CSV. Finally, the extension offers the feature of real-time management by sending e-mails that include detailed statistical reports and other features in the paid version.

A quick look at how to deal with the addition 

The extension shows you many data, such as statistics on the number of clicks by date, the most visited pages and their links, the number of referrals, the top ten visitors per day, and displays tables that include the types of operating systems and browsers used to visit the site, as well as the last IP addresses the visitor used while browsing your site.

Add-on features

  • Ability to track visitor data, IP address, country, city, browser and operating system
  • The ability to export your analytical data to several file formats, such as CSV, XML or TSV 
  • Statistics summary can be sent by e-mail with detailed explanation
  • Contains a free version and detailed reports
  • Provides real-time statistics; That is, you can follow up on your site visits data, moment by moment
  • The ability to customize the data to get reports with the specific information you want

On the other hand, the disadvantage of the plugin is that it stores statistics in the WordPress site, which may lead to an accumulation of data and an increase in the size of your site backup; Meaning, you may need to expand the hosting size of your site.

In the end, we remind you that the analysis plugins are very important and are largely responsible for your site’s ability to spread and without them you will lose the ability to track what is happening on the site and thus not act on any problem such as the sudden decrease in the number of visitors or the decrease in the number of visitors to a particular country or the presence of weakness in articles or Certain products and other problems, so adding analysis should be one of the basics of your site that you choose carefully and follow its statistics on an almost daily basis.

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